Nova Scotia Nautical Institute

The Nova Scotia Nautical Institute was an institute for seamanship training founded in 1872. It was common in England and Canada, which followed England in marine matters, to have people called "crammers" to assist mariners to pass their examinations, following apprenticeship on board ship. The school was known as the Halifax Marine School from its start to 1 July 1951 when it passed from federal to provincial control and was renamed Nova Scotia Marine Navigation School. In 1973 it amalgamated with the Nova Scotia Marine Engineering School (established in 1948). In 1974 the union became the Nova Scotia Nautical Institute, with a staff of 14. In 1987 the institute moved into new facilities in PORT HAWKESBURY and soon after became part of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) system (1988). The NSCC Nautical Institute now offers 3-year engineering and navigation cadet programs in addition to its broad range of training programs to meet the needs of the commercial marine industry.