Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, officer, founder of Montréal (bap at Neuville-sur-Vanne, France 15 Feb 1612; d at Paris, France 1676). He was chosen by the Société Notre-Dame de Montréal to found a missionary colony on Montréal I. The expedition, which included Jeanne Mance, left La Rochelle 9 May 1641 and arrived at Québec late in 1641. Maisonneuve began construction of Ville-Marie [Montréal] in 1642 and within a year had established a fort for defence, a hospital, chapel and lodging for about 70 persons who lived there. Maisonneuve was a skilful organizer and tireless defender of the colony, particularly against the constant attacks of the Iroquois. However, he did not always enjoy the favour of the governors general and he was recalled to France in September 1665. He lived out his life in seclusion in Paris. The history of the early years is told in Dollier de Casson's Histoire du Montréal, 1640-1672 (1868; tr A History of Montreal, 1928).