Repulse Bay, Nunavut, incorporated as a hamlet in 1978, population 945 (2011c), 748 (2006c). The Hamlet of Repulse Bay is located on the north shore of Repulse Bay, which is on the south shore of the Rae Isthmus. Christopher MIDDLETON named the area Repulse Bay in 1742 when he realized it was a cul de sac and not a route out of HUDSON BAY. Its Inuktitut name is Naujat, which means "seagull resting place."

The area is the homeland of the IGLULIK INUIT. Europeans first came to the area in 1741 and 1746; these visits led to the establishment of a WHALING industry. The Hudson's Bay Company built its first post in the settlement in 1916 and was joined by a rival fur trading company in 1923. A Roman Catholic Mission was built in 1932.

The economy of the area is very traditional. Economic activities include hunting, trapping, carving and the production of traditional arts and handicrafts. There is also a local tourism industry based on the area's natural and historic sites.