Rundle, Robert Terrill

Robert Terrill Rundle, Methodist missionary and circuit clergyman (b at Mylor, Eng, 11 June 1811; d at Garstang, Eng, 4 Feb 1896). Sent as a Methodist missionary to the Saskatchewan country in 1840, he arrived at Fort Edmonton on 17 Oct 1840. Although it remained his headquarters until 1848, he spent several winters at Lesser Slave Lake Fort and Fort Assiniboine, and a few springs and summers at ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE and Gull Lake. Twice, in 1841 and 1847, he went south, deep into Blackfoot country.

In 1844 he went past the first ranges of the Rockies, where he saw the mountain that today bears his name. He became a master of the Cree language, having learned CREE SYLLABICS devised by James EVANS; his journals record the adjustments made to the syllabary in the early years. Rundle was less than successful at establishing permanent missions. Only in 1848 was Pigeon Lake started by his follower, Benjamin Sinclair. After his return to England, Rundle served at various circuits until his retirement.