Saint Andrews, NB, incorporated as a town in 1903, population 1889 (2011c), 1798 (2006c). The Town of Saint Andrews is located at the mouth of the ST CROIX RIVER in the southwest corner of New Brunswick. Its earliest occupation was likely by the Passamaquoddy, who had seasonal hunting camps here. By the 1760s a few New England settlers had established themselves here. However, it was not until the closing months of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION that a major influx of LOYALIST civilian refugees gave the site a new status.

With the arrival of the Penobscot Association, as they were called, in October 1783, the town of St Andrews was formally laid out. For nearly 50 years it remained a principal shipping port for the lucrative trade with the West Indies, but by 1850 economic stagnation hit the area. In the late 1800s, St Andrews was rediscovered by the developing tourist traffic from New England and central Canada. Commonly referred to as St Andrews By the Sea, it remains today a popular North American tourist attraction for its historic architecture, scenic harbour and outstanding Algonquin Resort.