Sara Jeannette Duncan, journalist, novelist (b at Brantford, Canada W 22 Dec 1861; d at Ashstead, Eng 22 July 1922). Duncan's notable career as a journalist in the 1880s testifies to her determination and ability. The first woman employed full time by the Toronto Globe 1886-87, she also worked for the Montreal Star 1887-88. In the fall of 1888, Duncan embarked upon a round-the-world tour which resulted in her first novel A Social Departure (1890). While in Calcutta, Duncan met her future husband, Everard Cotes. After her marriage, Duncan lived in India for the next 25 years, subsequently moving to England. Only 2 of Duncan's 22 books have Canada as their focus. The Imperialist (1904) is a brilliant study of a small Ontario town in which an idealistic young man is thwarted in politics and love. Cousin Cinderella (1908) deals with the disillusionment that a similarly idealistic Canadian brother and sister experience in English aristocratic circles. One of the most penetrating observers of Canadian society in her time, Duncan combined shrewd analysis with a vivid, personal style.