Seducing Doctor Lewis

Seducing Doctor Lewis/La Grande séduction (2003) is an engaging, sweet-natured film directed by Jean-François Pouliot and produced by Roger FRAPPIER. The tiny remote island village of Sainte-Marie-La-Mauderne, where the fish have been depleted and everyone is on welfare, needs a permanent doctor to meet the demands of a company considering building a factory in the community. Christopher Lewis (David Boutin) is a Montréal doctor pressured into spending one month there, and the people of the village, led by their mayor, engage in a series of deceptions to convince him to make a longer commitment. Their plan unravels, as all lies do eventually, in this morality tale of mendacity and truth.

Seducing Doctor Lewis was a huge success in Québec and also found an audience in the rest of Canada. It was nominated for 11 GENIE AWARDS and won for cinematography. It also won PRIX JUTRA for supporting actor (Pierre Collin), supporting actress (Clémence Desrochers), cinematography, editing, art direction, musical score and costumes.