Perkins, Simeon

 Simeon Perkins, merchant, diarist (b at Norwich, Conn 24 Feb 1735; d at Liverpool, NS 9 May 1812). He arrived in Liverpool in 1762 and rapidly became the leading local merchant, dealing in fish and lumber, building sawmills and small vessels, and developing a trade with New England and the West Indies. During the AMERICAN REVOLUTION he invested profitably in several Liverpool privateers. His ability, integrity and charity resulted in a long civic career in local administrative and judicial offices. He also held high rank in the militia. He served as MLA for Queens County 1765-99 and, although his attendance was intermittent, he was quietly effective. His diary (1766-1812), published in 5 volumes by the CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY, and his home, now a museum, are valuable records of a man whose career reflects Nova Scotia's economic, social and political beginnings.