St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park is located in St. Norbert, which is now a ward of Winnipeg. Designated as a park in 1985, St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park traces the development of the area from Indigenous use to first a French-speaking Métis settlement and then a French-Canadian agricultural community of the pre-First World War period. St. Norbert was one of a number of French-speaking communities established along the Red River in the 19th century, south of what was then Winnipeg.

This park brings together the Bohémier, Turenne and Delorme houses. Both the families and their log and frame houses are representative of the distinctive French-Canadian and Métis settlement in southern Manitoba. The park includes a self-guiding trail, and tours of the restored Bohémier and Turenne houses (built in 1888 and 1871, respectively) are available from mid-May to Labour Day.