Stewart, BC, incorporated as a district municipality in 1930, population 494 (2011c), 496 (2006c). The District of Stewart is located next to the Alaska Panhandle at the north end of the Portland Canal on the British Columbia coast. Lying at the foot of the COAST MOUNTAINS, Stewart has been an access point to a region rich in mineral resources. The municipality is named after 2 prospecting brothers, John W. and Robert M. Stewart, who settled there in 1902. Before long Stewart became a boom town with a population of 10 000. During World War I the population dropped to its all-time low of 17 people. After 1919 other rich gold and silver mines opened in the area and since then Stewart and its economy have expanded and contracted with the ups and downs of the various mineral markets. The last mine closed in 1984. Now logging and tourism support the economy. The region is full of old mines and has a colourful history. To broaden its economic base, the municipality is promoting its ice-free port.