Stornoway, located at 541 Acacia Ave in the Village of Rockcliffe Park, near Ottawa, is the official residence of the LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION. A simple and commodious 2-storey, stucco-sheathed house located in spacious grounds, it was one of the earliest permanent buildings in this prestigious neighbourhood. Designed by local architect Allan Keefer, who was responsible for many luxurious homes in Rockcliffe Park, it was built in 1913-14 for a prosperous Ottawa merchant, Ascanio J. Major. During WWII it was the residence of Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands and her family. Purchased in 1950 by a private trust, Stornoway has been owned by the Government of Canada since 1970. It has served as the residence of every leader of the Opposition since George Drew until 1993, when Lucien Bouchard of the Bloc Québécois refused to live there.