United Farmers of Manitoba

United Farmers of Manitoba, fd 1920, an inclusive farmers' organization which replaced the Manitoba Grain Growers' Assn. It supported farmer candidates in the 1920 provincial election, and in 1922 its efforts helped elect John BRACKEN's UFM government (1922-42). In 1921 the UFM supported 12 successful candidates of the federal PROGRESSIVE PARTY but withdrew direct backing in 1924. It was financed by members and by occasional grants from farmers' companies. UFM membership varied from 15 700 in 1923 to 3700 in 1931. The rise of co-operative marketing bodies led to both the absorption of the Farmers' Union of Canada (Manitoba section) and the UFM's rejection of political affiliations by 1928. The United Farmers' goals of co-operative marketing, government intervention in transportation and the creation of a central bank were finally achieved, whereas basic alterations to the protective tariff, the operation of Cabinet government and party politics were not. In 1939 it became the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture; today it is the Manitoba Farm Bureau. See also GRAIN GROWERS' ASSOCIATIONS.