Vézina Trophy

The Vézina Trophy is awarded to the goalkeeper voted most valuable to his team. Up until the 1981-82 season, it was awarded annually to the goalkeeper(s) who had played a minimum 25 games for the team that had allowed the fewest goals during the regular NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE season. It was first presented in 1926-27 in memory of Georges VÉZINA. Jacques PLANTE won, or shared, the trophy 7 times, Bill DURNAN 6, Ken DRYDEN 5 and Terry SAWCHUK 4. Patrick ROY has won it 3 times. In the 1990s the Vézina was the domain of Czech star Dominik Hasek, who in 1999 received the award for the fifth time in 6 years. The goalie(s) on the team giving up the fewest goals is now awarded the William M. Jennings Award. The Vézina is now awarded to the "most valuable" goalkeeper, who is not necessarily the one who allows the fewest goals.