Annand, William

William Annand, politician, publisher, premier of Nova Scotia 1867-75 (b at Halifax 10 Apr 1808; d at London, Eng 12 Oct 1887). Elected to the NS House of Assembly in 1836, Annand supported the Reform movement. Defeated in 1843, he bought and edited Joseph HOWE'SNovascotian, then began the Morning Chronicle the next year, while continuing the Novascotian.

Re-elected in 1851, Annand held his seat until 1867, despite rumours of self-aggrandizement. His vacillation on the Confederation issue weakened his role, and leadership of the anticonfederates passed to Howe. After his defeat, Annand was appointed to the Legislative Council and manoeuvred to become premier. Weak and indecisive, he was replaced in 1875 by Philip Carteret HILL. Annand spent his remaining years in London, first as Canada's agent general, then as agent for Nova Scotia.