Durnan, William Arnold

William Arnold Durnan, hockey player (b at Toronto 22 Jan 1915; d there 31 Oct 1972). He was the greatest goaltender of his day. Tall but quick, he had a rare ability to catch and block shots with either hand. He joined MONTREAL CANADIENS in 1943, at age 29, and in only 7 seasons won the VÉZINA TROPHY 6 times. Among his amazing records was a period of 309 min 21 sec (over 5 games) in which he did not allow a goal. His career record was 2.35 goals allowed per game and 34 shutouts in regular season play, and 2.20 goals per game and 2 shutouts in playoffs. He was a victim of the pressures of his profession, suffering from nausea and insomnia, and quit abruptly during the playoffs in 1950.