William Brymner

 William Brymner, painter, teacher (b at Greenock, Scot 14 Dec 1855; d at Wallasey, Eng 18 June 1925). Brymner's father was the first Dominion archivist. William is remembered as Canada's first great art teacher. His respect for academic training and his own delicate painting skill, combined with a gentle way with others' talent, influenced many men and women studying in Montréal in the early 1900s. Educated at Richmond, Québec, Brymner went to Paris to train for architecture. While there he decided to paint.

In 1886 he was appointed director of art classes at the Art Association of Montreal. The same year he became a full RCA member. He painted the human figure and interiors in a representational style; he also did watercolours on silk, and murals, as found in the old Porteous house on Île d'Orléans. He sketched landscape with J.W. MORRICE and Maurice CULLEN, his 1899 Early Morning in September illustrating a fine palette of glowing sensual colour, while the pastoral scene holds a lingering touch of Europe in its settled tranquility.