Notman, William McFarlane

William McFarlane Notman, photographer (b at Montréal 1 Nov 1857; d there 1 May 1913). At age 15 he started to work for his father, photographer William NOTMAN, and was made a partner in the business at about age 25. His portraits - of rural people at daily tasks and of well-dressed urban notables - are sensitive and powerful, and his skill in portraying the Canadian landscape was outstanding. Notman made 8 trips to western Canada 1884-1909 to photograph along the CPR line, documenting the early growth of towns and capturing dramatic views of the Rockies and Selkirks. He accompanied the 1901 royals tour of the Duke and Duchess of York from Québec City to Victoria. Notman also photographed extensively in Murray Bay, Tadoussac, Lac Saint-Jean and the Eastern Townships. In 1908 he made a steamer voyage around Newfoundland, photographing the ports of call.