Frank Trovato

Frank Trovato is Professor of Sociology at the University of Alberta. Among his published works are studies on sex differences in life expectancy and cause specific mortality in Canada and other industrialized countries; variations in suicide and life-threatening behaviour; geographical mobility of the foreign-born; aboriginal fertility and mortality trends. One of his current projects examines Alberta fertility trends and variations based on a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Professor Trovato is editor-in-chief of Canadian Studies in Population, the official journal of the Canadian Population Society. His book, Canada’s Population in a Global Context: An Introduction to Social Demography (Oxford University Press, 2009) was awarded the Nathan Keyfitz Book Prize for an outstanding publication on Canadian demography. His most recent work, co-edited with Anatole Romaniuk, is Aboriginal Populations---Social, Demographic, and Epidemiological Perspectives (University of Alberta Press, 2014).

Articles by Frank Trovato