Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott acquired his interest in early Canadiana naturally. Growing up in the Niagara region, he was surrounded by the area’s rich historic sites, the War of 1812 battle fields of Beaverdams, Lundy’s Lane, and Queenston Heights, the early Welland canals, and the Falls of Niagara. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Jeff has an extensive writing background in a wide range of fields, from technical writing to classroom manuals to fiction. Most recently, Jeff has worked on developing curriculum, both written and visual, for the adult education market. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys camping and genealogy.

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Castle Frank

Castle Frank was a concession of land in the colonial town of York, purchased by John Graves Simcoe in the name of his son, Francis, in 1793. A log house later built on the site also bore the same name. Today the name Castle Frank is preserved as a street, a brook and a station on Toronto’s transit line.

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