Terrance Macdonald

Born on Cape Breton Island, Terrance MacDonald has been fascinated by anything that flies since he was a young child. MacDonald had a 38-year career in aviation, most of it with commercial airlines. After a flight on 1 August 1999 ended in a runway-overrun crash-landing, he was inspired to write The Black Box: “Dead Pilots Don't Talk” (2012). Following his retirement from the aviation industry, he was encouraged to continue writing by Paul MacDougall, who teaches senior writing classes at Cape Breton University. Discovering there is much more to Bell's aviation career than the Silver Dart, MacDonald set out to inform Canadians and the world about the fascinating story of Bell’s career in aviation research. His book Firsts in Flight: Alexander Graham Bell and his Innovative Airplanes (2017) was published by Formac Publishing Company.

Article by Terrance Macdonald

Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell, Aviation Pioneer