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Reichmann Family

Reichmann Family, real-estate developers. The 3 brothers, Albert, Paul and Ralph were born in Austria where their parents had moved in 1928 and after further moves to France, Spain and Morocco, they arrived in Canada in 1956.


Reichmanns Rebound

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on September 22, 1997. Partner content is not updated.

Far from squandering his hard-won experience, Philip Reichmann is today assembling his own real estate empire on the remnants of the old. He and his partner, Frank Hauer, Paul Reichmann's son-in-law, are inevitably driven by the family's age-old passion for business.


Reichmanns' Return

Hotel magnate Isadore Sharp was not entirely surprised when he picked up his telephone in June and heard Paul Reichmann's voice. The two men began a conversation that was to lay the groundwork for a timely but unlikely business alliance.


Richard Bladworth Angus

Richard Bladworth Angus, banker (b at Bathgate, Scot 28 May 1831; d at Senneville, Qué 17 Sept 1922). Trained in a Manchester bank, he immigrated to Québec in 1857 and joined the BANK OF MONTREAL and became its general manager in 1869.


Richard M. Ivey

Richard (Dick) Macauley Ivey, CC, QC, lawyer, businessperson and philanthropist (born 26 October 1925 in London, ON; died 28 December 2019 in Toronto, ON). Richard M. Ivey had a long career as a corporate lawyer and business executive, but he is best known for his philanthropy. Working through his family’s Ivey Foundation, he supported education, medicine and the arts, in particular. The name of the world-renowned Ivey Business School at Western University recognizes his and his family members’ contributions to the university.


Robert Atkinson Davis

Robert Atkinson Davis, businessman, politician, premier of Manitoba 1874-78 (b at Dudswell, Qué 9 Mar 1841; d at Phoenix, Ariz 7 Jan 1903). Davis came to Winnipeg in May 1870 and bought a downtown hotel, which he named Davis House.


Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson, businessman (b at Logierait, Scot 17 Apr 1768; d at Campbellton, NB 10 Aug 1851). He came to the RESTIGOUCHE RIVER in 1796 and was soon the most prominent merchant and largest landowner in the region.


Robert Henry Winters

Robert Henry Winters, politician, businessman (b at Lunenburg, NS 18 Aug 1910; d at Monterey, Calif 10 Oct 1969). Educated at Mt Allison U and Massachusetts Inst of Technology, Winters joined Northern Electric in Montréal in 1934. He became a lt-col in the army in WWII.


Robert Hobson

Robert Hobson, industrialist (b at Berlin [Kitchener], Canada W 13 Aug 1861; d at Hamilton, Ont 25 Feb 1926). Hobson worked first for the Grand Trunk Railway and in 1896 he became secretary-treasurer of the Hamilton Blast Furnace Co.


Robert McEwen (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on June 23, 2003. Partner content is not updated.

WHEN ROBERT MCEWEN got up to speak at his company's annual meeting earlier this month, his first words were: "GOLD is money." It's become a mantra for the soft-spoken chairman and chief executive of Goldcorp Inc.


Robert Montgomery Horne-Payne

Robert Montgomery Horne-Payne, financier (b in Eng; d at Brentwood, Eng 30 Jan 1929). Long an invalid, he rarely visited Canada, but his financial skills left an imprint on the landscape and a northern Ontario town (Hornepayne) bears his name.


Robert Pim Butchart

Robert Pim Butchart, industrialist (b at Owen Sound, Canada W 30 Mar 1856; d at Victoria 27 Oct 1943). Educated in Owen Sound, he joined his father's hardware business. In 1888 he began the Owen Sound Portland Cement Co. He moved


Robert Rankin

Rankin, Robert, timber merchant, shipowner (b in parish of Mearns, Scot 31 May 1801; d in Cheshire, Eng 3 June 1870).


Robert Samuel McLaughlin

 In 1908 McLaughlin began producing Buick car bodies for William Durant, owner of the Buick Motor Co in Flint, Michigan. When Durant moved on to Chevrolets, McLaughlin began producing them too (1915).