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Sir John Franklin

Sir John Franklin, naval officer, Arctic explorer (born 16 April 1786 in Spilsby, England; died 11 June 1847 aboard HMS Erebus near King William Island, Nunavut).


Sir John Richardson

Sir John Richardson, arctic explorer, naturalist (b at Dumfries, Scot 5 Nov 1787; d at "Lancrigg," Eng 5 June 1865). After qualifying as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1807, Richardson enlisted in the Royal Navy.


Sir John Ross

Sir John Ross, naval officer and explorer (born 24 June 1777 in Balsarroch, Scotland ; died 30 Aug 1856 in London, England ).


Thomas Blakiston

Thomas Wright Blakiston, naturalist, magnetic observer and explorer (b at Lymington, Hampshire, Eng 27 Dec 1832; d at San Diego, Calif 15 Oct 1891). In 1857 Blakiston joined the expedition led by John PALLISER.


Thomas Griffith Taylor

Thomas Griffith Taylor, geographer, educator, explorer (b at Walthamstow, Eng 1 Dec 1880; d at Sydney, Australia 4 Nov 1963). A dynamic personality who did research on every continent, Taylor founded the first Canadian department of geography at U of T (1935).