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Roderick Haig-Brown

Roderick Haig-Brown, author, conservationist (b at Lansing, Eng 21 Feb 1908; d at Campbell River, BC 19 Oct 1976). Haig-Brown's early appreciation of nature greatly influenced his later life.


Ronald Lawrence (Profile)

Now 74 and living on a 100-acre wilderness spread in the Haliburton Highlands, 170 km north of Toronto, Lawrence avoids discussing the two years he fought in Spain, or the five he served as a British soldier in the Second World War.


Roy Lewis Taylor

Roy Lewis Taylor, botanist (born at Olds, Alta 12 Apr 1932). A taxonomist and cytologist, Taylor was involved in the first major study of the Queen Charlotte Islands (now named HAIDA GWAII) flora (1957-65), culminating in Flora of the Queen Charlotte Islands (1968).


Seager Wheeler

Seager Wheeler, plant breeder, farmer (b on the Isle of Wight, Eng 1869; d at Victoria 15 Dec 1961). After starting work at age 11, Wheeler immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1885, working on farms near Moose Jaw and Saskatoon until 1897, when he bought his own farm near ROSTHERN.


Sir David Kirke

Sir David Kirke, trader and privateer, first governor of Newfoundland (born at Dieppe, France c1597; died near London, England 1654). Kirke, with Sir William Alexander, Earl of Stirling, formed the Company of Adventurers, which was granted patents by King Charles I. It gave them the right to trade and settle in Canada. Kirke was the owner of the first recorded Black chattel-slave in New France, Olivier Le Jeune.


Sir Henry Kellett

Sir Henry Kellett, naval officer, arctic explorer (b at Clonabody, Ire 2 Nov 1806; d there 1 Mar 1875). Kellett joined the British navy in 1822 and served in the West Indies and on survey vessels in Africa, the Far East and Central America.


Sir James Hector

Sir James Hector, geologist, naturalist (b at Edinburgh, Scot 16 Mar 1834; d at Wellington, NZ 5 Nov 1907). As surgeon and geologist to the PALLISER EXPEDITION (1857-60), Hector explored the country from the Red River settlement


Sir John Franklin

Sir John Franklin, naval officer, Arctic explorer (born 16 April 1786 in Spilsby, England; died 11 June 1847 aboard HMS Erebus near King William Island, Nunavut).


Sir John Murray

Sir John Murray, oceanographer (b at Cobourg, Canada W 3 Mar 1841; d at Kirkliston, Scot 16 Mar 1914). At 17, Murray moved to Scotland, the ocean voyage inspiring him in his lifelong career.


Sir John Richardson

Sir John Richardson, arctic explorer, naturalist (b at Dumfries, Scot 5 Nov 1787; d at "Lancrigg," Eng 5 June 1865). After qualifying as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1807, Richardson enlisted in the Royal Navy.


Sir John Ross

Sir John Ross, naval officer and explorer (born 24 June 1777 in Balsarroch, Scotland ; died 30 Aug 1856 in London, England ).