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John Harvard

John Harvard, journalist, politician, lieutenant-governor of MANITOBA (b at Glenboro, Man, 4 June 1938). Harvard grew up in Glenboro and pursued a career in journalism following graduation.


John Herbert Turner

John Herbert Turner, businessman, politician, premier of BC 1895-98 (b at Claydon, Eng 7 May 1834; d at Richmond, Eng 9 Dec 1923). A merchant in Halifax and Charlottetown, Turner moved in 1862 to Victoria, where in 1865 he established the firm of Turner, Beeton and Co.


John Hewitt

John Hewitt, cooper, labour leader, editor (flourished 1860s-90s). After extensive experience in American labour reform, Hewitt became a major Toronto labour leader. He helped found the Toronto Trades Assembly, led the NINE-HOUR


John Horgan

John Joseph Horgan, 36th premier of British Columbia, 2017–present; political aide (born 7 August 1959 in Victoria, BC). John Horgan worked as a political staffer for BC New Democratic Party (NDP) premiers Mike HarcourtGlen Clark and Dan Miller. In 2005, he became a member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for the riding of Malahat-Juan de Fuca. He then revitalized the BC NDP after it had spent 16 years on the opposition benches. Following the 2017 election, Horgan engineered a power-sharing coalition with the Green Party to topple a weakened Liberal regime. After Horgan called a snap election in October 2020, the NDP won 53 of 87 seats and Horgan converted his minority government into a governing majority.


John Howatt Bell

John Howatt Bell, lawyer, politician, premier of Prince Edward Island (born at Cape Traverse, PEI Dec 1846; died at Los Angeles, Calif 29 Jan 1929). Member of the PEI Legislative Assembly 1886-98 and MP 1898-1900, Bell, a Liberal, was re-elected provincially in 1915 and was premier 1919-23.


John Humphrey

John Thomas Peters Humphrey, OC, lawyer, diplomat, scholar (born 30 April 1905 in Hampton, NB; died 14 Mar 1995 in Montreal, QC). John Humphrey was the director of the United Nations Human Rights Division from 1946 to 1966. He was instrumental in drafting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. He also taught law and briefly served as dean at McGill University. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1974 and received the United Nations Prize for human rights advocacy in 1988.


John James Fraser

John James Fraser, lawyer, premier (1878-82) and lieutenant-governor (1893-96) of New Brunswick (b at Miramichi, NB 1 Aug 1829; d in Italy 24 Nov 1896). An outstanding lawyer, in 1865 Fraser won a seat in the provincial legislature as an anti-Confederation candidate.


John James Kinley

John James Kinley, engineer, businessman, lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia (born at Lunenburg, NS 23 Sept, 1925; died at Halifax, 1 May, 2012).


John Kenneth McKinnon

John Kenneth McKinnon, commissioner of the YUKON TERRITORY (b at Winnipeg, Man, 20 April 1936). McKinnon, though born and educated in Manitoba, has been a long-time resident of the Yukon. He was first elected to the Yukon Legislative Assembly in 1961 and was re-elected in 1967, 1970, and 1974.


John Kent

John Kent, merchant, politician, premier of Newfoundland (b at Waterford, Ire 1805; d at St John's 1 Sept 1872). First elected to the Assembly in 1832, Kent championed Catholic rights and aroused sectarian disorders that led to a modified constitution, 1842-48.


John Langton

John Langton, first auditor general of Canada (b at Blythe Hall near Ormskirk, Eng 6 Apr 1808; d at Toronto 19 Mar 1894). Educated at Cambridge, he immigrated to Canada in 1833 where he established a farm near Fenelon Falls, Upper Canada.


John Macaulay

John Macaulay, merchant, journalist, office-holder, politician (b at Kingston, UC 17 Oct 1792; d there 10 Aug 1857). A prosperous merchant and an immensely capable, perceptive man, Macaulay came to attention as coeditor and owner of the Kingston Chronicle 1818-22.


John Macdonell

John (Greenfield) Macdonell, lawyer, militia officer, politician (b at Greenfield, Scotland, 19 Apr 1785; d at Queenston, Upper Canada, 14 Oct 1812).


John Manley (Interview)

IN THE DAYS FOLLOWING the Sept. 11 attacks, John Manley was the Canadian cabinet minister most in the public eye. As foreign minister at the time, he spoke out unabashedly in support of the United States, and was one of the guiding forces behind Bill C-36, Canada's anti-terrorism legislation.


John Mason

John Mason, governor of the English colony in Newfoundland (b at King's Lynn, Eng 1586; d at London, Eng 1635). In 1615 he was appointed the second governor of the colony at Cuper's Cove (Cupids, Newfoundland), succeeding John GUY, and arrived in 1616 accompanied by his wife.