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Ydessa Hendeles

Ydessa Hendeles, CMOOnt, art collector, curator, artist, philanthropist (born 27 December 1948 in Marburg, Germany). A winner of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts, Ydessa Hendeles is best known as one of the world’s leading collectors of contemporary art and photography. The founder of the Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation in Toronto, she has curated more than 35 contemporary art exhibitions in Toronto and around the world.


Yellowknives Dene

Yellowknives Dene or T'atsaot'ine are a band of the Athapaskan-speaking Dene associated with the region encompassed by the Coppermine and Yellowknife rivers, the northeast shore of Great Slave Lake, and northeast into the Barren Grounds.


Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Profile)

If Yevgeny Yevtushenko did not exist, another author might have invented him as the central character in one of those sweeping epics that Russian writers adore. The problem would be that, as a work of fiction, Yevtushenko's real life strains credulity.


Ying Chen

Ying Chen, novelist (b at Shanghai, China 1961 ). A graduate in French language and literature from Shanghai University, Ying Chen initially set her sights on a career as a translator: in addition to French, she has mastered English, Japanese, Russian and Mandarin.


Yoland Guérard

Yoland Guérard. Bass, TV host and producer, administrator, b Joliette, Que, 11 Oct 1923, d Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris, 2 Nov 1987.


Yolande Dulude

Yolande Dulude. Soprano, born Montreal 12 Jan 1931, died there 18 Aug 2003; lauréat (Basile-Moreau College) 1948. After studying piano for a number of years, she began voice study in 1944.


Yolande Villemaire

Yolande Villemaire, teacher, writer (b at St-Augustin-des-Deux-Montagnes, Qué 28 Aug 1949). After studying dramatic arts at UQAM, where she received her BA (1970) and MA (1974), she taught creative literature at the Rosemont CEGEP.


Yousuf Karsh

In 1932, Karsh moved to Ottawa, where he opened a portrait studio with the intent of photographing what he calls "people of consequence." His stated goal, expressed in his 1962 autobiography In Search of Greatness: Reflections of Yousuf Karsh, was to distill "the essence of the extraordinary person.


Yuli Turovsky

He began studying cello at the age of seven. He first attended the Moscow Central Music 1946-57, then pursued his studies at the Moscow Conservatory with Galina Kozolupova 1957-69.


Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (Ucluelet) First Nation

Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (formerly known as Ucluelet, Yuu-tluth-aht and Yu’lu’il’ath) are a Nuu-chah-nulth nation from west Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island. As of September 2018, there were 677 registered members, 452 of whom live off reserve. The Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ, along with several other Nuu-chah-nulth nations, have signed the Maa-nulth treaty, which has provided them with self-governance since April 2011.


Yuval R Fichman

Yuval R. Fichman. Pianist, b Tel Aviv, 21 Mar 1965, naturalized Canadian 1972; ARCT 1981. His family moved to Toronto in 1967 and in 1976 he continued his piano studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music with Mildred Kenton and Andrew Markow.


Yvan Bienvenue

Yvan Bienvenue, poet, playwright, producer, translator, publisher (b at Saint-Hyacinthe, Qué 14 August 1962). Yvan Bienvenue studied playwriting at the École nationale de théâtre du Canada in the late 1980s and co-founded the Théâtre Urbi et Orbi with Stéphane Jacques in 1992.


Yves Beauchemin

Yves Beauchemin, writer (b at Noranda, Québec; d 26 June 1941). Before becoming a Radio-Québec researcher, Beauchemin taught and worked in publishing.


Yves Beaupré

Yves Beaupré. Harpsichord maker, b Montreal 21 Mar 1954; B MUS (Montreal) 1980. He first devoted himself to performance and was trained at the St-Laurent Cegep and at the University of Montreal.


Yves Chartier

Yves Chartier. Musicologist, teacher, b Thetford-les-Mines Que, 18 Aug 1942; Lauréat AMQ piano 1959, BA french, latin (Ottawa) 1964, MA classics (Ottawa) 1965, Docteur en musicologie (Paris-Sorbonne) 1973. He began teaching at Ottawa U in 1969.


Yves Daoust

Daoust, Yves. Composer, teacher, b Longueuil, near Montreal 10 Apr 1946. Daoust began studies in piano at age seven, wrote a film soundtrack for "prepared" piano at 16, and at 19 completed his first electronic work, for a Berlin theatre.


Yves Gaucher

Yves Gaucher, artist (born 3 January 1934 in Montréal, Québec; died 8 September 2000 in Montréal) specialized in printmaking and abstract geometric painting.


Yves Hébert

Yves Hébert, pen name Yves Sauvageau, actor, playwright (b at Waterloo, Qué 17 May 1946; d at Granby, Qué 12 Oct 1970). After studies in education at the École normale de Sherbrooke (1963-65), he enrolled in the National Theatre School (1965-68).