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Theatre Passe Muraille

Theatre Passe Muraille (meaning “theatre beyond walls”) was the first alternative theatre in Toronto. It focused on breaking down barriers and exploring new ideas and methods of storytelling. Despite financial crises over the years, it has maintained its alternative roots as a producer of provocative and groundbreaking Canadian theatre, as well as a launching pad for emerging companies and artists.


Theatre Royal

When in the early 1800s Montréal failed to attract talented artists for lack of a decent hall, John MOLSON built the 1500-seat Theatre Royal on a vacant lot owned by him on the corner of St Paul and Victor streets.


Toronto College of Music

Toronto College of Music. One of three music schools to open in Toronto during the 1880s - the others being the TCM(RCMT) and the Metropolitan School of Music. The college was founded in 1888 by F.H. Torrington and by 1890 had 400 students and a faculty of about 50.


Toronto Dance Theatre

In its first decade TDT had an enormous impact, enhanced by the foundation in 1968 of its own school, which to this day continues as one of Canada's leading contemporary dance training institutions.