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Warner/Chappell Music Canada Ltd

Warner/Chappell Music Canada Ltd (Chappell & Co Ltd until 1987). Music publishing firm originating with a British firm established in London in 1810 and opened for business 1 Jan 1811. A Canadian branch of Chappell's New York office opened in Toronto in 1912 and closed in 1920.



The DOCUMENTARY FILMWarrendale (1967) covers seven weeks in a Toronto-area treatment centre occupied by twelve emotionally disturbed children, most of them abandoned by their parents.


Wartime Home Front

The two world wars of the 20th century were total wars that involved the whole nation, and the "home front" became a critical part of Canada’s effort.


Wartime Information Board

Wartime Information Board, est 9 Sept 1942, succeeded the Bureau of Public Information, which had been formed early in WWII to issue certain information on the course of the war to the public. By 1942 the government believed that its troubles over CONSCRIPTION derived from inadequate publicity.


Wartime Prices and Trade Board

Wartime Prices and Trade Board, est 3 Sept 1939 by the Canadian government immediately before the onset of WORLD WAR II, and initially responsible to the Dept of Labour. Its creation reflected the government's concern that WWI conditions of inflation and social unrest should not return.



Wasp is a term applied to stinging insects in the division Aculeata of the order Hymenoptera, which also includes ants and bees.


Waste Disposal

Although the term SOLID WASTE refers to a wide range of discarded materials (from kitchen scraps to mine tailings), the component known as refuse has the greatest potential for environmental contamination.


Waste Reduction

The "3Rs Hierarchy of Waste Management" encourages people to reduce, reuse and recycle before considering other options for solid waste management. Reduction is at the top of the hierarchy because reducing waste (not creating waste in the first place) is the most efficient way to handle waste.



Worldwide, over two-thirds of precipitation falling on land surfaces is evaporated and transpired back into the atmosphere. In Canada less than 40% is evaporated and transpired; the remainder, called the water yield, enters into streamflow.


Water (Film)

Water is a rich, complex work that completes Mehta's self-described "elements trilogy," which includes Fire (1996) and Earth (1998). It is the work of a deeply committed humanist, made with tenderness and a true concern for the plight of women in similar situations.


Water Lily

A large family of freshwater plants known as the water lily (Nymphaeaceae) is characterized by large, shield-shaped leaves and showy blossoms. They are mostly tropical or subtropical. Four genera and 9 species are native to Canada, of which 3 species are important.


Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs when discharges of energy or materials degrade the quality of water for other users, including both humans and wildlife. Pollution can affect inland waters such as lakes, rivers and groundwater, as well as coastal marine waters.


Water Polo

Water polo is a sport played in water, generally a swimming pool, by 2 teams of 13 players each (7 per team in the field of play at one time), with the object of propelling a ball through the opposing goal.


Water Skiing

Water skiing is a sport in which competitors slalom, perform tricks, and jump on water skis while being towed by a speedboat. The sport was derived from snow SKIING and aquaplaning and was started in the US by Ralph Samuelson in 1922. It is perhaps the fastest-growing, all-family competitive sport.


Water Treatment

Water Treatment, the physical and chemical processes used to ensure water's quality for its intended use. Minimum standards for drinking water are set by environmental agencies while industries have their own guidelines.


Water Wars

They are an unlikely class of political provocateurs: the water entrepreneurs. In Vancouver, fast-talkers with dreams of getting in on the ground floor of a 21st-century boom once touted their plans for taking pure British Columbia mountain water in tankers to California. Shut down by a B.C.