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Royal Trustco Ltd

Royal Trustco Ltd, with head offices in Ottawa, was a Canadian holding company incorporated in 1978 to become the parent of the Royal Trust group of companies. It carried on trust, financial, real-estate and deposit services in over 100 branches in Canada, the US and overseas.


Global Goes National

It was like a scene from Traders, Global TV's popular drama about life in Bay Street's fast lane. Only this time, the star of the show was Izzy Asper in the role of the shrewd and stubborn chief executive.


Sidbec-Dosco (Ispat) Inc

Sidbec-Dosco (Ispat) Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ispat International group, has its principal steel mill in CONTRECOEUR, and its head office in MONTRÉAL, Québec. Sidbec-Dosco is Canada's fourth largest steel producer.


Shell Canada Limited

Shell Canada Limited is an integrated energy resource company with head offices in Calgary. Active in Canada since 1911 (Dominion incorporation, 1925), the company is involved in natural gas and petroleum, petrochemicals and refined oil products, and alternative fuels research.


Southam Inc

Southam Inc was created in 1904 by William SOUTHAM. Several papers were owned by Southam Inc, including The Calgary Herald, The Edmonton Journal, The Ottawa Citizen, The Vancouver Province and the Winnipeg Tribune.


Torstar Corporation

 Torstar Corporation, a broadly based information and entertainment communications company, publishes the TORONTO STAR. Other newspaper publishing interests include Metroland Media Group, commercial printers and publishers, and CTVglobemedia.


Wardair International Ltd

 Wardair International Ltd, with head offices in Toronto, was an international and domestic airline incorporated in Alberta in 1953 as Wardair Ltd. Initially a bush charter airline based in Yellowknife, NWT, the name was changed in 1962 to Wardair Canada Ltd. It became a public company in 1967.


Steinberg Inc

Steinberg Inc was a diversified Canadian retailing organization with head offices in Montréal. It was incorporated in 1930 as Steinberg's Limited, and adopted its present name in 1978.


Stelco Inc

The Steel Company of Canada (Stelco) was founded in 1910. In 2007, the company — based in Hamilton, Ontario — was bought by the United States Steel Corporation, and its name changed to U.S. Steel Canada.


Sydney Steel Corporation

The government, faced with a socially unacceptable shutdown, formed a CROWN CORPORATION to keep the industry alive. The plant consists of 2 small blast furnaces and several basic open-hearth furnaces, with an annual raw-steel capacity of about 910 000 tonnes.


XY Company

 XY Company (New North West Co), named after the marks used to distinguish its bales of goods from those of the NORTH WEST COMPANY, was a product of conflicts between NWC agents (led by Simon MCTAVISH) and NWC winterers, following the company's reorganization in 1795.


Les Disques Audiogram Inc

Les Disques Audiogram Inc. Recording company founded in Montreal in 1982 by Michel Bélanger, president and director general, who was joined 1986 by Alain Simard (president of FIJM, Spectra Scène and Spectel Vidéo) and Rosaire Archambault (President of Distribution Sélect and Archambault Musique).


Canadian Vitaphone Company

Canadian Vitaphone Company. Phonograph manufacturer located in Toronto 1913-16. Its product, the Vitaphone, was devised by the US inventor Clinton B. Repp and featured a wooden tone-arm and stationary sound-box. The company, headed by W.R.


Attic Records Ltd.

Attic Records Ltd. Independent label established in 1974 in Toronto by Alexander Mair, president, and Tom Williams, vice president until his departure in 1984.



Petro-Canada, created by the federal government in the mid-1970s as Canada's national oil company, was the offspring of the world energy crisis, Canadian ECONOMIC NATIONALISM, and a tradition of state-supported development of the country's costly energy frontier.