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George Richard Renfrew

George Richard Renfrew, furrier, businessman (born 9 February 1831 in Québec, QC; died 4 September 1897 in Shipley, England). After his father died in 1834 in Québec during a cholera epidemic, Renfrew was brought up in Montréal by an aunt and uncle.


92 Resolutions

Drafted in January 1834 by Louis-Joseph Papineau, leader of the Parti patriote, and Augustin-Norbert Morin, the 92 Resolutions were a list of grievances and demands made by the Parti patriote with regards to the state of the colonial political system. They were drafted following a long political struggle against the governor general and Château Clique and the Patriotes’ inability to produce any significant reforms. The document critiqued the division of authority in the colony and demanded a government that was responsible to the Legislative Assembly. The imperial government responded with the Russell Resolutions, which rejected their demands, preparing the way for the Canadian Rebellion.