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Marlene Stewart Streit

Marlene Stewart Streit, golfer (b at Cereal, Alta 9 Mar 1934). Streit played junior golf in Fonthill, Ont. She was a powerful competitor, her game marked by fierce pride and will to win, and she became Canada's greatest women's amateur golfer.


Randy Ferbey

Randy Ferbey, curler (born at Edmonton, 30 May 1959). Randy Ferbey has a long history in professional curling and has played for Alberta for over 20 years. He has amassed 6 career Canadian championships and 4 world championships.


David Binnie Turner

David Binnie Turner, soccer player (b at Edinburgh, Scot 11 Oct 1903; d at Victoria 6 Apr 1989). Turner came to Canada at age 11 and played junior soccer in Edmonton. A powerful player with an excellent shot and heading ability, he was one of Canada's top players in the 1920s and 1930s.


Larry Cain

Cain narrowly missed a medal in the C-1 1000 m at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, finishing fourth. At the world championships in 1989 he won a silver medal in the event.


Jennifer Heil

Jennifer Heil, freestyle mogul skier, community activist (born 11 April 1983 in Edmonton, AB). Mogul skier Jennifer Heil, nicknamed "Little Pepper," was the first Canadian female freestyle mogul skier to win a medal in Olympic competition.


Canada's Rowers Win Silver

After the heroic row to the finish by the Canadian men's four last Saturday, after the photo finish showed they'd failed, by a mere 8-100ths of a second, to catch Great Britain, Buffy Williams walked as close to the Olympic medal podium as security would permit to witness a silver medal being draped over her husband Barney's head.


Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante, hockey goaltender (b near Mont Carmel, Qué 17 Jan 1929; d at Geneva, Switz 26 Feb 1986). He began playing goal for a factory team in Shawinigan and played junior for Québec Citadels before turning professional with Montreal Royals at age 22.


Steve Podborski

During 10 years of international racing Steve Podborski won 8 World Cup races to become the most successful Canadian male skier to date. He was made an Officer of the ORDER OF CANADA in 1982.


Canadian Junior Hockey

Since 1970, Canadian junior hockey has been divided into two categories: Major Junior and Junior A. Canadian Major Junior hockey is governed by the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) that encompasses the three big Canadian Leagues.


Big Ben

Big Ben, show jumper (b 1976 at Belgium, d at Guelph, Ont 11 Dec 1999). Bred in Belgium, Big Ben, partnered with seven-time Canadian Olympian Ian MILLAR, became one of the greatest show jumping horses in the world.


Rob Boyd

Rob Boyd, alpine skier (b at Vernon, BC 15 Feb 1966). A skier from age 3, he began competing at 11, and entered both national (Fleischmann Cup) and international (Nor-Am) competition at 14.


Aurèle Joliat

Aurèle Joliat, hockey player (b at Ottawa 29 Aug 1901; d at Ottawa 1 June 1986). Left-winger for the Montreal Canadiens 1922-38. In 644 games, and despite his 170 cm height and meagre 61 kg weight, he amassed 270 goals and 190 assists.


Angella Issajenko

Angella Issajenko, sprinter (b in Jamaica 28 Sept 1958). Known as "Angella Taylor" for most of her athletic career since 1978, Issajenko has been one of Canada's outstanding international sprinters.


Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson, "Busher," hockey player (b at Toronto 19 Jan 1911; d there 6 June 1966). He joined Toronto Maple Leafs in 1929 and played left wing on the famous "Kid Line," with Joe Primeau and Charlie Conacher.


Allison Higson

Allison Higson, swimmer (b at Mississauga, Ont 13 Mar 1973). Higson established 11 age group records at a single meet in December 1985.


Gerald Ouellette

Gerald Ouellette, marksman (b at Windsor, Ont 14 Aug 1934; d near Leamington, Ont 25 June 1975). Gerry Ouellette was introduced to shooting during his high-school cadet training. By 1952 he was a veteran of several teams that