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Cascade Mountains

Cascade Mountains, BC, are the north end of largely volcanic mountain ranges extending to California, 180-260 km east of the Pacific Ocean. There are no active volcanoes in BC like the US Cascades' Mount St Helens and others.


Animals in Winter

Winter is the season that begins December 21 (winter solstice) and ends on March 21 (spring Equinox). In Canada cold and snow is associated with this season.



Herring, common name for fish of the widely distributed family Clupeidae.


Hurricane Juan Hits Halifax

NOTHING, it seems, happens without a reason. A butterfly flaps its wings off the coast of Bermuda and the next thing you know you're cowering in bed at 1 a.m. with only two panes of glass between you and winds screaming like the apocalypse as they slam into Halifax.



Hawk is a common name for several species of diurnal birds of prey from widely separate families.



Rose is a common name for members of genus Rosa of the rose family (Rosaceae). This large family, comprising more than 100 genera and 2000-3000 species, includes plants as diverse as strawberries, almonds and pears.



The more conspicuous lichens are foliose, lobed or leafy with distinct upper and lower surfaces; or fruticose, hanging like black or yellow hair from trees or shrubby and erect on the ground. Crustose lichens form a thin crust over rocks or bark and are conspicuous only if brightly coloured.



Lobster, term applied to 4 groups of decapod ("10-footed") crustaceans: the coral, slipper, spiny and clawed lobsters.



Platinum (Pt) is the best known of the 6 greyish-white, metallic, platinum group elements, which also include palladium (Pd), iridium (Ir), rhodium (Rh), osmium (Os) and ruthenium (Ru). Platinum and palladium are more commonly used than the other elements in the group.


Wild Geese

Wild Geese, novel credited to Martha Ostenso (London, New York and Toronto, 1925). Published first in England as The Passionate Flight, Wild Geese was one of the Best-Selling Canadian novels of the 20th century.



Rye is the common name for members of the genus Secale of the grass family (Poaceae, formerly Gramineae) and for the cereal grains produced by those grasses.



Smelt (Osmeridae), family of small, iridescent fishes of class Osteichthyes, found in coastal seas, streams and lakes of the northern hemisphere.


Beef Cattle Farming

Beef cattle farming is a key component of Canadian agriculture. The four Western provinces account for about 85 per cent of beef cattle on Canadian cattle farms, with nearly one-half in Alberta alone. Beef farms make up about one-quarter of all farms in Canada, second only to field crops, while the dollar value of live cattle exports ranks just behind spring wheat, canola and durum exports. Canada ranks among the world’s top 10 per capita consumers and exporters of beef.