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Frédéric Pelletier

Frédéric ('Fred') Pelletier (Peltier). Choirmaster, critic, teacher, composer, physician, b Montreal 1 May 1870, d there 30 May 1944; MD (Montreal) 1895, honorary D MUS (Montreal) 1937.


Ami McKay

Ami McKay, novelist, journalist (born in Indiana, USA 1968). Born and raised in rural Indiana, Ami McKay began her career as a music teacher after earning an undergraduate degree in music education and a graduate degree in musicology at Indiana State University.


Anita Rau Badami

Anita Rau Badami, writer (born 1961 at Rourkela, Odisha, India). Badami grew up in India and earned a BA in English from the University of Madras.


George MacKenzie Brewer

George MacKenzie Brewer. Organist, pianist, teacher, composer, lecturer, b London, Ont, 30 May 1889, d Montreal 18 May 1947; Associate (Dominion College of Music) 1903, Fellow (American Guild of Organists) 1910. Though he studied in Montreal with Percival J.


Goldwin Smith

In 1866 Smith resigned to nurse his ailing father. After his father's death, Smith moved to the US to teach at Cornell. He settled in Toronto in 1871 to be near relatives.


Leslie James Yeo

Leslie James Yeo, actor, producer, writer, director (b at Swindon, Wiltshire, UK 29 May 1915, d at Toronto 15 Sept 2006). Leslie Yeo left school early to work in advertising.


Victor Lauriston

Victor Lauriston, journalist, historian, author (born at Fletcher, Ont, 16 Oct 1881; died at Chatham, Ont, Oct 1973). Born William Edward Park in the small community of Fletcher, Ont, Victor Lauriston adopted his pen name when he began writing, as he considered his birth name too plain.


Douglas Fetherling

Douglas George Fetherling, poet, writer, editor, scholar, visual artist (born at West Virginia, USA 1 January 1949). Fetherling, a successful and widely published man of letters, moved to Canada when he was 18 years old.


Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley, OC, actor, director, writer, producer (born 8 January 1979 in Toronto, ON). One of Canada's most talented and well-known actors, Sarah Polley is also an acclaimed director and a committed political activist.


Regina Seiden

Like other Montréal artists such as Prudence Heward, Regina Seiden specialized in portraits of women, including representations of immigrants to Canada. Seiden stopped painting soon after her marriage to German-Jewish painter Eric Goldberg (1890–1969) to dedicate herself to their relationship and Goldberg’s career. After Goldberg died, Seiden started to paint again but never regained the momentum of her early years. Despite her brief career, Regina Seiden is now recognized as an important Montréal artist of the early 20th century who studied alongside members of the Beaver Hall Group.


Brad Fraser

Other early works were Mutants (1980) for Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton and Wolf Boy (1981), which was produced a number of times across the country, culminating in the noted production at Toronto's Theatre Passe Muraille that introduced a young Keanu Reeves to the theatre.


Graham Townsend

Graham (Craig) Townsend. Fiddler, mandolinist, pianist, composer, b Toronto 16 Jun 1942, d Barrie, Ont, 3 Dec 1998. His father, Fred (1900-1981) was Don Messer's square dance caller for many years.


Ron Hynes

Ron Hynes, singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor (born 7 December 1950 in St. John's, NL; died 19 November 2015 in St. John’s). One of Canada's most esteemed songwriters, Ron Hynes is often referred to as the “man of a thousand songs.” His debut solo album, Discovery (1972), was the first album of entirely original material by a Newfoundland artist. He is best known for the 1976 folk classic “Sonny’s Dream,” which has been covered by more than 200 artists, including Emmylou Harris, Stan Rogers and Great Big Sea. Hynes won a Genie Award and numerous East Coast Music Awards. He was posthumously inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2020.


Robert Léonard

(Joseph Jean Denis) Robert Léonard. Teacher, 'animateur,' percussionist, b Montreal 16 Sep 1938; B MUS (Montreal) 1966, L MUS (Montreal) 1969.


Alanis Morissette (Profile 1999)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on March 8, 1999. Partner content is not updated.

Well, if you're Alanis Morissette, that's exactly what you do. The Canadian pop star had been organizing a visit to Mother Teresa's hospital in India, but she still wonders what prompted her to dial Calcutta on the night of Sept. 4, 1997.


William James Topley

William James Topley, photographer (b at Montréal 13 Feb 1845; d at Vancouver 16 Nov 1930). He learned photography from his mother. In 1864 he joined the studio of William NOTMAN in Montréal. Three years later he opened Notman's new Ottawa studio and purchased the business in 1872.