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Dominique Ducharme

Dominique Ducharme, soldier, fur trader, office holder (b François Dominique Ducharme at Lachine, Que 15 May 1765; d at Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, Que 3 Aug 1853).


Marcelle Deschênes

Marcelle Deschênes. Composer, teacher b Price, near Rimouski, Que, 2 Mar 1939; B MUS (Montreal) 1965, L MUS (Montreal) 1967. At the University of Montreal she studied 1963-7 with Jean Papineau-Couture and Serge Garant.


Mireille Lagacé

Mireille (b Bégin) Lagacé. Organist, harpsichordist, teacher, b St-Jérôme, Que, 8 Jun 1935. She studied in Montreal with Germaine Malépart (piano), Conrad Letendre (organ), and Gabriel Cusson (theory).


Eugene Kash

Eugene 'Jack' (Leon) Kash,. Violinist, conductor, teacher, b Toronto 1 May 1912, d there 6 Mar 2004.


Françoys Bernier

Françoys (Joseph Arthur Maurice) Bernier. Pianist, conductor, producer, administrator, teacher, b Quebec City 12 Jul 1927, d Quebec City 3 Feb 1993. He began his musical studies as a child with his grandfather, Joseph-Arthur.


Anthony Morse Urquhart

Over the years, Urquhart has evolved a uniquely transcendent multi-media mode of expression, creating a visual poetry that goes beyond merely formalist concerns and embodies imagery of universal meaning and cross-cultural relevance.


Peggy Baker

Peggy Baker danced with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company in New York (1981-88) and became one of its most acclaimed performers, latterly assisting Lubovitch as rehearsal director.


Louise Manny

Louise (Elizabeth) Manny. Collector, b Gilead, Me, 1890, d Newcastle, NB, 17 Aug 1970; honorary LL D (St Thomas College, Chatham) 1961, honorary LL D (New Brunswick) 1961.


Clary Croft

Clary Croft. Folksinger, folklorist, b Sherbrooke, NS, 12 Nov 1950. Croft took folklore, heritage and costume studies at St Mary's U, University of New Brunswick, and Dalhousie University.



Montreal-based indie rock band, formed in New York. Members include Torquil Campbell (vocals), Amy Millan (vocals/guitar), Chris Seligman (keyboard), Evan Cranley (bass), and Patrick McGee (drums).


Gena Branscombe

Gena Branscombe. Composer, choir conductor, teacher, pianist, b Picton, near Kingston, Ont, 4 Nov 1881, d New York 26 Jul 1977; BA (Chicago) 1900, honorary MA (Whitman) 1932.


Léa Pool

Léa Pool, CM, filmmaker, director, documentarian, screenwriter, producer (born 8 September 1950 in Soglio, Switzerland). Through her introspective films, Pool offers an approach to female characters that is stripped of all stereotypes. Exploring themes of love, exile and uprootedness, she attempts to draw viewers into a reflection on their own condition, through their own individuality. Often compared with the films of Marguerite Duras, Pool’s films focus on intimate emotions and attract a multigenerational audience. The recipient of many awards in Canada and abroad, Léa Pool is the first female director to win Best Film at the Gala du cinéma québécois.


Claude Champagne

Education and TrainingChampagne began piano and theory at 10 with Orpha-F. Deveaux and continued with Romain-Octave Pelletier. At 14 he studied the violin with Albert Chamberland, and this became his favourite instrument.


Prudence Heward

Efa Prudence Heward, painter (born 2 July 1896 in Montréal, QC; died 19 March 1947 in Los Angeles, California). Heward specialized in portraits of women, despite the popularity of landscape painting during her lifetime.


Donald Sutherland (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on February 28, 2000. Partner content is not updated.

This seems an appropriate time for Sutherland to contemplate the past. The 64-year-old actor, who got his start on the stage, has returned to the theatre after a 19-year absence. He stars in Enigma Variations, which opened on Feb. 17 at the Royal Alex and runs until April 1.


Renée Maheu(x)

Renée Maheu(x) (née Anctil). Soprano, journalist, biographer (born 14 February 1929 in Québec City, QC; died 19 March 2007 in Cowansville, QC).