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Arthur Ozolins

Arthur Ozolins, pianist (b at Lubeck, Germany 7 Feb 1946). He began piano studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At age 13, he entered the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, studying with Talivaldis Kenins and Alberto Guerrero.


Peter Nicholas Hide

Like many sculptors today, Hide works in welded steel. He is one of the few to have broken away from the overpowering influence of Caro, whose art tends to sprawl and spread through space. Hide's art is generally compact and upright, although in the early 1990s sometimes reclined.


Roy Eric Peterson

Roy Eric Peterson, cartoonist (b at Winnipeg 14 Sept 1936). Editorial cartoonist at The Vancouver Sun since 1962, Peterson has won six National Newspaper Awards but is perhaps best known for his illustrations that accompany AllanFOTHERINGHAM's column each week on the back page of Maclean's magazine.


Constantin Patsalas

Patsalas's imaginative choreography is unified by its uncompromising stylistic faithfulness to the inspiring score, its structural integrity and its inventive exploration of dynamic contrasts in mood and movements.


Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin, born Edna Mae Durbin, actress, singer (born at Winnipeg 4 Dec 1921, died April 2013). Deanna Durbin was born in Winnipeg to English immigrant parents, but was raised from infancy in California. She was blessed with a strong and surprisingly mature voice.


David Suzuki

David Takayoshi Suzuki, CC, OBC, geneticist, broadcaster, environmental activist (born 24 March 1936 in Vancouver, BC). A Canadian of Japanese parentage, Suzuki was interned with his family during the Second World War and later became one of Canada’s most popular scientists and media personalities. He is known for his career as a broadcaster (including the CBC TV series The Nature of Things) as well as his work as an environmental activist.


Michael Kusugak (Profile)

These days, the former truant spends about three months of each year in schools, libraries and museums across Canada, entertaining and delighting children who are not much older than he was when he headed for the hills.


Ken Lum

Ken Lum is widely known for work that draws upon traditions from pop and conceptual art, as well as a broad range of motifs from mass culture. His art, which has variously included painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and video, has been recognized in Canada with a 30-year retrospective at the Vancouver Art Gallery and exhibited abroad at major international art galleries and festivals.


Zara Nelsova

Zara (b Sarah) Nelsova (b Nelson or Katznelson). Cellist, teacher, b Winnipeg 23 Dec 1918, naturalized US 1953, d New York 10 Oct 2002; honorary LLD (Winnipeg) 1985; honorary ARCT 1986; honorary D MUS (Smith College) 1992.


Jan Rubes

In 1948 Rubeš emigrated to Canada and gave his first Canadian performance as Betto in Gianni Schicchi with the Royal Conservatory Opera (University of Toronto Opera Division).


Robert Goulet

Robert (Gerard) Goulet. Baritone, actor, born Lawrence, Mass, 26 Nov 1933 of French-Canadian parents, died Los Angeles 30 Oct 2007.


Robert Weisz

Robert Weisz. Pianist, teacher, b Arad, Rumania, 25 Jun 1925, of Hungarian parents, naturalized Swiss 1963 and Canadian 1975; prix de virtuosité (Geneva Cons) 1949.


Joyce Sands

Joyce Sands (b Feldtmann). Cellist, teacher, b Clairmont, Western Australia, 6 Mar 1902; naturalized Canadian 1935, d Victoria, BC, 11 Jan 1984; LRAM 1919. Raised in England she studied cello there with Hélène Dolmetsch and 1920-4 in Belgium at the Royal Flemish Cons, Antwerp, with Arnold Godene.


Walter Ostanek

Walter (b Ladislav John) Ostanek. Accordionist, composer, b Duparquet, near Rouyn, Que, of Yugoslavian parents, 20 Apr 1935. Raised in St Catharines, Ont, he began playing button accordion at nine and turned to piano accordion at 12.


Gisele MacKenzie

Gisele MacKenzie, born Gisèle LaFlèche, actress (born at Winnipeg 10 Jan 1927; died Burbank, Ca 5 Sep 2003). Gisèle LaFlèche, sometimes known as "Canada's first lady of song," began in show business playing the violin in Winnipeg and on a scholarship at the Toronto Conservatory of Music.


Wab Kinew

Wabanakwut Kinew, hip hop artist, broadcaster, university administrator, author, politician (born 31 December 1981 in Kenora, ON). An Ojibwa activist and public intellectual, Wab Kinew began his career as a musician and rapper with the hip hop group Dead Indians. He gained national attention through his radio and television journalism for the CBC, including 8th Fire, a television series on Indigenous issues. Kinew’s 2015 memoir, The Reason You Walk, was a national bestseller and finalist for the RBC Taylor Prize. Kinew was elected to the Manitoba legislature in 2016, despite controversial tweets and rap lyrics that dogged his campaign. Similarly, revelations of stayed domestic assault charges from 2003 threatened to derail his bid to become leader of the Manitoba New Democratic Party, though he was named leader in September 2017.