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Referendum Question Unveiled

Finally, the question. It is not long: only 41 words in French, 43 in English. Nor is it as clear as Jacques Parizeau always promised it would be. It is, in fact, cloaked in ambiguity, carefully crafted to obscure the full magnitude of the decision that awaits Quebec's 4.9 million voters.


PEI's Fixed Link Opens

It was a secret that former Prince Edward Island premier Joe Ghiz kept even from his own wife and children. In January, 1988, Ghiz asked Islanders to finally resolve through a plebiscite the century-old debate over whether to build a physical link between the province and mainland Canada.


Ontario Schools Question

The Ontario schools question was the first major schools issue to focus on language rather than religion. In Ontario, French or French-language education remained a contentious issue for nearly a century, from 1890 to 1980, with English-speaking Catholics and Protestants aligned against French-speaking Catholics.


Quebec Election Campaign

On the crisp wintry morning after the televised leaders debate that was supposed to save his sinking election campaign, Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest took his remaining hopes home to the comfort of Quebec’s Eastern Townships.


Political Campaign

Political campaigns are organized efforts to secure the nomination and election of people seeking public office. Technological developments – such as television, air transport, and the internet – have dramatically influenced campaign practices.