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Joseph-Michel Cadet

Joseph-Michel Cadet, butcher, military provisioner (b at Québec City 24 Dec 1719; d at Paris, France 31 Jan 1781). Born of generations of butchers, Cadet worked first for his uncle, a Québec butcher, and became the Crown's purveyor of meat in 1745.


Larry Cain

Cain narrowly missed a medal in the C-1 1000 m at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, finishing fourth. At the world championships in 1989 he won a silver medal in the event.


George Gleig

George Gleig, soldier, chronicler of the War of 1812 (b 20 Apr 1796 at Stirling, Scotland; d 9 Jul 1888).


Philip Child

Philip Albert Child, writer, academic (b at Hamilton, Ont 19 Jan 1898; d at Toronto 6 Feb 1978). Child's fiction and poetry reflect a period in Canadian literature when traditional forms and subjects were being affected by radical social and cultural change.


Dennis Hubert Chitty

Dennis Hubert Chitty, zoologist (born 18 September 1912 in Bristol, England; died 3 February 2010 in Vancouver, BC ). Educated at University of Toronto and Oxford, he studied rodent populations as a research officer at the Bureau of Animal Population, Oxford, 1935-61.


Joseph-Alcide Chaussé

Joseph-Alcide Chaussé, architect, author (b at St-Sulpice, Qué 7 Jan 1868; d at Montréal 7 Oct 1944). After working in private practice in Montréal, Chaussé was building inspector for the city


Louis-Philippe Laurendeau

Laurendeau, Louis-Philippe. Composer, writer, b St-Hyacinthe, Que, 1861, d Montreal 13 Feb 1916. He was active for many years in Montreal and was bandmaster at the École militaire of Saint-Jean, but later he devoted himself entirely to composition and arranging.


Toronto (band)

A hard rock band with a glam-punk edge and a streetwise image, Toronto was known for its brash performances and the strenuous vocal style of its lead singer, Holly Woods.


Dane-zaa (Beaver)

Dane-zaa (also known as Dunne-za) are Dene-speaking people from the Peace River area of British Columbia and Alberta. Early explorers called them the Beaver people (named after a local group, the tsa-dunne), however the people call themselves Dane-zaa (meaning “real people” in their language). In the 2016 census, 1,705 people identified as having Dane-zaa ancestry, while 220 reported the Dane-zaa language as their mother tongue.


Paul Peel

Although he was one of the first Canadian painters to portray nude figures, as in his A Venetian Bather (1889), these works were pale compared to those of Degas or Renoir.


Norma Beecroft

Norma Beecroft, composer, broadcaster (b at Oshawa, Ont 11 Apr 1934). Studying composition first in Toronto with John WEINZWEIG, and then in the US and Europe, Beecroft has worked in a number of mediums. She was one of Canada's most active early practitioners of electroacoustic music.


Clark Quits

In the spring of 1996, Glen CLARK was British Columbia's golden boy, a 38-year-old street-smart politician from Vancouver's scrappy east end who led the New Democratic Party to a stunning victory. He cast himself as a feisty populist and promised jobs and megaprojects.


Louis-Marie Régis

Louis-Marie Régis, priest, Thomist philosopher (b at Hébertville, Qué 8 Dec 1903; d at Montréal 2 Feb 1988). Régis was one of the most productive Catholic philosophers in Canada and one of the few whose work is well known in both languages.