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Lionel Conacher

Lionel Pretoria Conacher, all-round athlete, politician (born 24 May 1900 in Toronto, Ontario; died 26 May 1954 in Ottawa, Ontario).


Mark Robson

Mark Robson, director, editor, writer, producer (born at Montréal 4 Dec 1913; died at London, UK 20 Jun 1978). Mark Robson was educated at the University of California and began his career as a prop boy for Twentieth Century Fox.


John McCrae

John McCrae, soldier, physician, poet (born 30 November 1872 in Guelph, ON; died 28 January 1918 in Wimereux, France). A noted pathologist and army physician, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae was also a poet; he wrote “In Flanders Fields” — one of the most famous poems of the First World War.


Indian Agents in Canada

Indian agents were the Canadian government’s representatives on First Nations reserves from the 1830s to the 1960s. Often working in isolated locations far from settler communities, Indian agents implemented government policy, enforced and administered the provisions of the Indian Act, and managed the day-to-day affairs of Status Indians. Today, the position of Indian agent no longer exists, as First Nations manage their own affairs through modern band councils or self-government.


Jock Macdonald

With roots in landscape painting as practiced by both members of the Group of Seven and Emily Carr, by the end of his career Jock Macdonald had become one of the pioneers of abstract painting in Canada.


Bruno Gerussi

Bruno Gerussi, actor (born at Medicine Hat, Alta 1928; died at Vancouver, BC 21 Nov 1995). He is well known as the actor who played Nick Adonidas on "The Beachcombers," one of the longest-running and most successful series in CBC television history.


Luc Plamondon

Luc Plamondon, lyricist (b at Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf, Qué 2 Mar 1945). His studies included piano, theatre, pedagogy, and letters, leading to advanced degree work in French literature, art history, and to a graduate degree in English from the West London College.


Bouchard Launches a Broadside

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, Lucien. The charismatic leader who came this close to driving his flock out to greener pastures in a referendum 10 years ago now warns that Quebec is bound for the slag heap of history if it doesn't reform quickly.


Agnes Maule Machar

Agnes Maule Machar, novelist, poet, historian (b at Kingston, Ont 23 Jan 1837; d there 24 Jan 1927). An important reformist and literary figure in Victorian Canada, she was a prolific writer who published poetry, several novels and volumes of history and biography.


Alan Cumyn

Alan Cumyn, writer (b at Ottawa 1960). Alan Cumyn was born and grew up in Ottawa. He spent one year at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, BC, and then transferred to Queen's University, where he completed a BA in English and History.


Timothy McGee

Timothy (James) McGee. Musicologist, teacher, b Glens Falls, NY, 23 Nov 1936; B MUS ED (Notre Dame) 1958, MA music history (Connecticut) 1961, PH D musicology (Pittsburgh) 1974. In addition to his degree studies, McGee also studied performance 1959-60 at Yale University.


Czech Canadians

Canada is home to the third largest Czech diaspora after the United States and Germany. Today, Czech Canadians form an ethnocultural community with a rich history dating back to the 1880s.


Lucie Pagé

​Lucie Pagé, Québécoise journalist, director, writer (born 29 November 1961 in Greenwood, Nova Scotia).


David Harry Walker

David Harry Walker, army officer, novelist (b at Dundee, Scot 9 Feb 1911; d 5 March 1992). Raised in Scotland and England, Walker was aide-de-camp to Canadian Gov Gen John BUCHAN 1938-39, a POW in Europe 1940-45, and comptroller to the viceroy of India 1946-47.