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Cultural Duality

Contemporary observers who may not be thoroughly familiar with the history behind Canadian cultural dualism often have trouble in decoding it. Although the idea of cultural duality appears in laws, in policies on education, religion and language, and in the formulation of the fundamental rights of the provinces, its historical foundations remain hard to define.


Albert Gary Doer

By the early 1970s Doer had become a youth counsellor and worked in a number of capacities at the Vaughan Street Detention Centre and the Manitoba Youth Treatment Centre in Winnipeg.


Shawn Atleo

Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, National Chief of AFN (2009–2014), activist, businessman (born 16 January 1967 in Ahousaht, BC).


Jean J. Charest

Jean J. Charest, lawyer, politician, premier of Québec from 2003 to 2012 (born at Sherbrooke, Qué, 24 June 1958). Charest received both his undergraduate degree and a degree in law at Sherbrooke University. He was first elected as Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke in 1984.


Christopher Gledhill

Christopher Gledhill. Educator, organist, composer, b Borden, Kent, England, 21 Mar 1912, d Brundall, Norfolk, England, 14 Apr 1987; BA (Oxford) 1934, B MUS (Oxford) 1936, MA (Oxford) 1946. He was a grandnephew of Edwin Gledhill.


Rose Latulippe

Rose Latulippe. Three-act ballet by Brian Macdonald to music (1966) by Harry Freedman, commissioned for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet by the Canadian Centennial Commission.


Charles Hutton

Charles (Warrington) Hutton. Organist, music dealer, conductor, b St John's, Nfld, 20 Aug 1861, d there 1 Feb 1949. He was educated in Charlottetown and at the French college, St Pierre, and in 1880 became organist-choirmaster at St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Cathedral in St John's.


Willie Adams

Willie Adams, Inuk, Liberal senator, businessman, electrician (born 22 June 1934 in Kuujjuaq [then Fort Chimo] in Nunavik, Quebec). As Canada’s first Inuit senator, Adams frequently sought greater federal government support for his people in education, health care, infrastructure, land claims, fishery allocations and affordable food, housing and fuel. He was actively involved in the creation of Nunavut and supported Inuit language rights, art and culture, and traditional hunting methods such as sealing.


Nobel Prizes

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Relations between the two men are cool, bordering on icy, as could be expected between leaders who represent opposite sides in the religious and political struggle that has bathed Northern Ireland in blood for three decades.


Jack Layton

Jack Layton, educator, politician, and federal New Democratic Party leader, was born at Montréal, 18 July 1950. He was the son of Robert Layton, a former prominent Québec Liberal who later became a Conservative MP and cabinet minister.


Oscar Brand

Oscar Brand. Folksinger, collector, songwriter, guitarist, author, b Winnipeg 7 Feb 1920, naturalized US; B SC psychology (Brooklyn College) 1942. He was taken as a boy to the USA and has lived in Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York.


Wally Koster

Wally (Walter Serge) Koster. Singer, trombonist, actor, b Winnipeg, of Polish-Russian parents, 14 Feb 1923, d Toronto 11 Dec 1975.


Guy Desbarats

Guy Edouard André Joseph Desbarats, architect, teacher, dean, author, consultant (b at Montréal, QC 30 July 1925; d at Sherbrooke, QC 30 August 2003). Desbarats graduated from the MCGILL school of architecture in 1948.


Eugene Forsey

After his father died, Forsey's mother moved with him to Canada (Newfoundland had not yet joined Confederation). Forsey was raised in Ottawa in the home of his Quebec-born maternal grandfather, William Cochrane Bowles, a high official in the House of Commons.


Jackie Maxwell

Jackie Maxwell, director, dramaturge (born 1956 in Belfast, Northern Ireland). Jackie Maxwell is a forceful and influential figure in contemporary Canadian theatre and is currently artistic director of the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.