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Sonny Greenwich

Turning exclusively to jazz by 1960, Greenwich appeared at such Toronto venues as The Cellar, The First Floor Club, and The Bohemian Embassy with his own bands, and also performed locally with the tenor saxophonist Don William (D.T.) Thompson and others.


Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen, actor, author (b at Regina 11 Feb 1926, d at Fort Lauderdale, Fla 28 Nov 2010). Leslie Nielsen was a veteran of more than 100 motion pictures and 1500 television appearances.


Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee, comedian, actor, writer, producer (born 25 October 1969 in TorontoON). A whip smart and scrappy comedian with an acerbic and aggressive edge, Samantha Bee is perhaps best known as the longest-serving correspondent (2003–15) on the satirical comedy news program The Daily Show. A winner of three Canadian Comedy Awards, she has also acted in numerous films and television series. Her own late-night comedy series, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, debuted in February 2016.



Shingoose (also Curtis Jonnie), Ojibwe singer-songwriter, guitarist, folk musician, Indigenous activist (born on 26 October 1946 in Winnipeg, MB; died on 12 January 2021 in Winnipeg, MB). Shingoose rose to popularity in Canada and the US in the late 1960s. A well-respected musician, Shingoose was also a strong advocate of Indigenous issues and strove to highlight Indigenous culture on the world stage. (See also Music of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.)


Avril Lavigne (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on January 13, 2003. Partner content is not updated.

"TO UNDERSTAND ME you have to meet me and be around me. And then, only if I'm in a good mood - don't meet me in a bad mood." Avril Lavigne, the 18-year-old pop sensation from Napanee, Ont., says this the first time I meet her.


John King Gordon

John King Gordon (b at Winnipeg 6 Dec 1900; d at Ottawa 24 Feb 1989), son of Charles GORDON (pen name Ralph Connor). After studying at the universities of Manitoba, Oxford and the Union Theological Seminary, Gordon taught at United Theological College in Montréal.


Thomas Gage

Thomas Gage, army officer (b in Eng 1719 or 1720; d at London, Eng 2 Apr 1787). He served during the SEVEN YEARS' WAR in North America from 1755 and was present during several of the operations preceding the CONQUEST in 1760.


Norris Roy Crump

Norris Roy Crump, railway executive (b at Revelstoke, BC 30 July 1904; d at Calgary 26 Dec 1989). Born into a railway family, Crump began with the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY as a labourer in 1920, taking time off to study science at Purdue University.


David Douglas

David Douglas, botanist (b at Scone near Perth, Scotland 25 July 1799; d in Hawaii 12 July 1834). Douglas became an apprentice gardener at age 11; at 20 he moved to the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, and at 23 became a collector for the Horticultural Society of London in North America.


Eden Colvile

Eden Colvile, governor of Rupert's Land (b 1819; d in Devonshire, Eng 2 Apr 1893), son of the deputy governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.


Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme

Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme, priest, educator, scientist (b at St-Anselme, Canada E 18 Sept 1849; d at Québec C 6 July 1910). After studying at the SÉMINAIRE DE QUÉBEC and later spending periods at Harvard and in Europe, Laflamme became professor of geology and mineralogy at Laval in 1870.


Robert Monckton

Robert Monckton, British army officer (b in Yorkshire, Eng 24 June 1726; d at London, Eng 21 May 1782). Monckton arrived in Nova Scotia in 1752 and took part in the establishment of LUNENBURG in 1753.


Milos Mladenovic

Milos Mladenovic, professor, editor (b S of Belgrade, Serbia 1903; d at Montréal 4 Oct 1984). With degrees in law and commerce from Belgrade and a doctorate from the Sorbonne, he joined McGill's history department in June 1950.


Jens Haven

Jens Haven, founder of the Moravian mission in Labrador (b at Wust, Jutland, Denmark 23 June 1724; d at Herrnhut, Saxony [E Germany] 16 Apr 1796). After 10 years at the Moravian settlement at Herrnhut (1748-58), he was sent to the Inuit Mission in Greenland.


Sara Barkin

Sara Barkin. Pianist, soprano, b. Uman, Ukraine, 6 Sep 1908, naturalized Canadian 1934. She studied piano at five with her father and on arriving in Canada in 1925 began several years of study on scholarship at the TCM with W.O. Forsyth and Mona Bates in piano and Nina Gale in voice.


Marie Hare

Marie Hare (b Whitney). Folksinger, b Strathadam, on Nor'-West Miramichi River, NB, ca 1913. Her grandfather cleared a sizable farm at Strathadam, her father worked in the lumber woods all his life, and her mother was a member of the family celebrated in the song 'The Jones Boys'.