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Daryl Hine

​Daryl Hine, poet, translator, editor, dramatist (born 24 February 1936 in Burnaby, BC; died 20 August 2012 in Evanston, Illinois).


Gerry Schwartz

Gerald Wilfred Schwartz, OC, business executive (born 24 November 1941 in Winnipeg, MB). Gerry Schwartz is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Toronto-based Onex Corporation, one of Canada’s largest private equity firms. A successful long-term investor, he has overseen major business deals in more than three decades at the head of Onex. Schwartz was one of 45 Canadians to make the Forbes list of billionaires in 2019, with the magazine estimating his net worth at US $1.6 billion. He has donated millions of dollars to universities, hospitals, charities and cultural organizations.

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John Joseph Kelso

John Joseph Kelso, journalist and social reformer (born 31 March 1864 in Dundalk, Ireland; died 30 September 1935 in Toronto, Ontario). A lifelong advocate for the rights of children and animals, Kelso founded the Toronto Humane Society, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, Fresh Air Fund and Santa Claus Fund. Kelso left a legacy as an early founder of the social services system in Ontario.


Reginald Fessenden

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, electrical engineer (born 6 October 1866 in East Bolton, Canada East; died 22 July 1932 in Hamilton, Bermuda). Fessenden was a pioneer in the field of radio communication. He made the first voice transmission over radio waves. He also laid the foundations of amplitude modulation (AM) and achieved the first two-way radiotelegraphic communication across the Atlantic Ocean. His 1906 transmission of a Christmas concert is considered the first radio broadcast in history. (See also Radio Programming)


Lucie Lacava (Profile)

Lucie Lacava sits on the parquet-wood floor of her small office poring over a box of treasured old newspapers. "Here are some real antiques," she says, gingerly removing a faded yellow 1952 copy of The Toronto Daily Star from a plastic bag.


Gordon Delamont

Gordon Arthur Delamont, teacher, author, composer, trumpeter (born 27 October 1918 in Moose Jaw, SK; died 16 January 1981 in Toronto, ON). Gordon Delamont was a leading music educator and theorist, and a guiding figure in Canada in the third-stream movement — a synthesis of classical music and jazz.


Franz Johnston

Francis Hans Johnston (called Frank, and later Franz), painter (born 19 June 1888 in Toronto, ON; died 9 July 1949 in Toronto).


Denis Gougeon

Gougeon describes himself as an 'intuitive' composer who wishes to touch the listener emotionally; he admits to being influenced by the music of Claude Vivier and by the instrumental researches of 20th century French music. He is a member of the CLComp and an associate of the Canadian Music Centre.


Loreena McKennitt

An ethereal presence both visually and aurally, who transformed the harp into a pop-music instrument without subverting its natural tone, McKennitt studied piano in Winnipeg with Olga Friesen and voice with Elma Gislason, and performed in musicals and folk clubs.


Mel Hurtig

​Melvin Hurtig, OC, publisher, political activist, author (born 24 June 1932 in Edmonton, AB; died 3 August 2016 in Vancouver, BC).


Émiliano Renaud

Émiliano Renaud. Pianist, composer, organist, teacher, b St-Jean-de-Matha, near Joliette, Que, 26 Jun 1875, d Montreal 3 Oct 1932. He studied piano with his mother, later with Paul Letondal, and still later with Dominique Ducharme.


Patricia Parr

Patricia (Ann) Parr. Pianist, teacher, composer, b Toronto 10 Jun 1937; Artist Diploma (Curtis) 1957. She had her first lessons from her mother and studied piano 1942-51 with Mona Bates and composition 1949-51 with John Weinzweig.


Dave Thomas

David William Thomas, actor, writer, director (born at St Catharines, Ont 20 May 1948). Dave Thomas went to public school in Durham, North Carolina, and returned to Canada where he attended high school in Dundas, Ont.


Fred Eaglesmith

Fred (Frederick John) Eaglesmith (b Elgersma). Songwriter, guitarist, country-folk singer, b near Caistor Centre, Ont, 9 Jul 1957. One of nine children and raised in a religious home, Eaglesmith recalls his childhood as being in one of two places, either working the farm or driving to church.


Michael Healey

Michael Healey's career as a playwright began in 1996 when he premiered a one-act solo performance called Kicked at the Fringe of Toronto Festival.