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Albert Frank Moritz

Albert Frank Moritz, poet, professor (b 15 Apr 1947 at Niles, Ohio, US). A.F. Moritz attended Marquette University (Wisconsin), where he earned a BA in journalism and a MA and PhD in English literature. Since 1974 he has lived in Toronto, where he is a professor at the University of Toronto.


Caro Lamoureux

Caro (Marie Julienne Pauline Caroline) Lamoureux. Soprano, b Montreal 3 Jan 1904, d there 11 Aug 1998. She studied voice with Céline Marier and stage technique with Jeanne Maubourg and Albert Roberval.


Bishop Emile Grouard

Monseigneur Émile Grouard was energetic and inventive, having steamboats built on the Peace, Slave and Athabasca rivers. He was also respected by the Indigenous peoples of his diocese, and came to learn the Cree, Denesuline (Chipewyan) and Dane-zaa (Beaver) languages.


Vanessa Harwood

Known for her interpretation of leading roles inSwan Lake, The Dying Swan, Coppélia and Elite Syncopations, Harwood is admired for her virtuosity and her seductive stage presence.


Nora Clench

Esther Leonora Clench, violinist (born 6 May 1867 in St. Marys, ON; died 17 May 1938 in Toorak, Australia).


John Patrick Savage

In the 1972 and 1979 federal elections Savage ran unsuccessfully for the Liberals. He was elected to the Dartmouth School Board in 1978 and became its chairman in 1984. A self-styled social activist, he strongly advocated social issues and became a popular board member.



Cavalia, equestrian troop (Shawinigan, 2000 -). Cavalia was conceived by the visionary Normand Latourelle, who had already participated in the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL venture.


Laurence L. Kent

Kent's early films received limited distribution and were virtually forgotten until they were included in a retrospective of Canadian cinema at the Toronto Festival of Festivals (seeFILM FESTIVALS) in 1984.


30 Canadian War Heroes

​To celebrate its 30th anniversary, The Canadian Encyclopedia created 30 lists of 30 things that have helped define our identity, from famous people and historic events, to iconic foods and influential artists.


Grand Duchess Olga

Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia, watercolour artist and farmer (born 13 June 1882 in St. Petersburg, Russia; died 24 November 1960 in Toronto, Ontario). Grand Duchess Olga was the sister of the last czar of Russia. She and her family fled to Denmark following the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then to Canada after the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of Russians immigrated to Canada in the first half of the 20th century. They included industrial and agricultural workers and members of the former Russian aristocracy.


Carrie Best

Carrie Mae Best (née Prevoe), OC, ONS, LLD, human rights activist, author, journalist, publisher and broadcaster (born 4 March 1903 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; died 24 July 2001 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia). Sparked by incidents of racial discrimination, Carrie Best became a civil rights activist. Co-founder of The Clarion, one of the first newspapers in Nova Scotia owned and published by Black Canadians, she used the platform to advocate for Black rights. As editor, she publicly supported Viola Desmond in her case against the Roseland Theatre. Best used her voice in radio and print to bring positive change to society in Nova Scotia and Canada.