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Jean Éthier-Blais

Jean Éthier-Blais, professor, writer, literary critic (b at Sturgeon Falls, Ont 15 Nov 1925). Professor of French literature at McGill since 1962, Éthier-Blais regularly contributed literary criticism to Le Devoir from 1961. Some of these articles were published in Signets (3 vols, 1967, 1973).


Frederic Hubert Soward

Frederic Hubert Soward, historian, educator (b at Minden, Ont 10 Apr 1899; d at Vancouver 1 Jan 1985). Educated at Toronto, Edinburgh and Oxford, he taught history at UBC 1922-64 (head of department, 1953-63).


Charles A.E. Harriss

Charles Albert Edwin Harriss, composer, impresario, educator, organist-choirmaster, conductor (born 16 December 1862 in London, England; died 31 July 1929 in Ottawa, ON).


Kathleen Edwards (Profile)

KATHLEEN EDWARDS had a serious classical musical upbringing, of the sort suitable for the daughter of a senior Canadian diplomat. She played violin from age 5 to 17, studied with National Arts Centre Orchestra violinist Karoly Sziladi and was part of the Ottawa Youth Orchestra.



Tookoolito, also known as Hannah and Taqulittuq (born in 1838 near Cumberland Sound, NU; died 31 December 1876 in Groton, Connecticut), Inuk translator and guide to American explorer Charles Francis Hall. Tookoolito and her husband, Ebierbing (traditionally spelt Ipiirvik), were well-known Inuit explorers of the 19th century who significantly contributed to non-Inuit’s knowledge of the North. The Government of Canada has recognized Tookoolito and Ebierbing as National Historic Persons.


Mi’k ai’stoowa (Red Crow)

Mi’k ai’stoowa, also known as Red Crow, warrior, peacemaker, Kainai (Blood) leader (born ca. 1830 near the junction of St. Mary’s and Oldman rivers, AB; died 28 August 1900 near the Belly River on the Kainai reserve, AB). Head chief of the Kainai, Mi’k ai’stoowa was a skilled negotiator and passionate advocate for his people. Mi’k ai’stoowa sought improved conditions for the Kainai in the wake of monumental changes amid the decline of the bison in traditional territories in the 1860s and 1870s, the encroachment of European settlers and the disastrous effects of smallpox epidemics.


Dwayne Congdon

Dwayne Lyle Congdon, mountaineer and guide (b at Lethbridge, Alta 7 Aug 1956). From a love fostered by his parents on camping trips in the Rockies, Congdon decided in his early 20s to become an Alpine guide.


David Wren

David Wren. Guitar builder, b Toronto 9 Jul 1952. After apprenticing 1973-7 with Jean Larrivée, he opened his own shop in Toronto.


Norman Ward

Norman Ward, political scientist, author, teacher (b at Hamilton, Ont 10 May 1918; d at Saskatoon 6 Feb 1990). Identified with U of Sask, Ward's reputation as a scholar is national and international.


Earle Parkhill Scarlett

Earle Parkhill Scarlett, physician (b at High Bluff, Man 27 June 1896; d at Calgary 14 June 1982). He received his BA from U Man in 1916 and then served in WWI with the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, was gassed in 1917 and severely wounded in 1918.


Bjarni Herjolfsson

Bjarni Herjolfsson, Norse explorer (dates of birth and death unknown; lived in the 10th century). Herjolfsson was likely the first European to sight the east coast of North America. While sailing from Iceland to Greenland in 986 CE, Herjolfsson sighted lands that were later determined to be Baffin Island, Labrador and Newfoundland. Although Herjolfsson never set foot in North America, Leif Ericsson later retraced his voyage, establishing a settlement at what he called Vinland.


Viggo Kihl

(Richard) Viggo Kihl. Pianist, teacher, b Copenhagen 11 Nov 1882, d Toronto 10 Jul 1945. He studied in Copenhagen and 1898-1901 with Robert Teichmüller at the Leipzig Cons. He made his debut in 1901 in Copenhagen and toured Scandinavia.


Robin Harrison

Robin (Keith) Harrison. Pianist, teacher, composer, b London 28 Jul 1932; LRAM (Royal Academy of Music) 1954, ARCM (Royal College of Music) 1954, FTCL (Trinity College, London) 1983, hon ARAM (Royal Academy of Music) 2002.


Maitland Farmer

Maitland (Adam Ernest) Farmer. Organist, choirmaster, teacher, pianist, harpsichordist, b London 24 Feb 1904, naturalized Canadian 1969, d Eastern Passage, NS, 12 Jun 1995; LRAM 1921, FRCO 1936, B MUS (Toronto) 1947, honorary DCL (King's College, Halifax) 1963, honorary FRCCO 1984.


Elsie Park Gowan

Elsie Park Gowan (née Young), playwright (b at Helensburgh, Scotland 9 September 1905; d at Edmonton 2 Feb 1999). Gowan immigrated with her family to Edmonton in 1912 and worked as a rural teacher prior to attending the University of Alberta to acquire an Honours BA in History (1926-30).