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Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, medical missionary (b at Parkgate, Eng 28 Feb 1865; d at Charlotte, Vt 9 Oct 1940). Grenfell entered the London Medical School in 1883 and 2 years later was converted to active CHRISTIANITY at a tent meeting of American evangelist Dwight L. Moody.


Robert Newton

Robert Newton, plant biochemist, university president (b at Montréal 7 Feb 1889; d at Laguna Hills, Calif 22 Nov 1985), brother of Margaret NEWTON. Robert Newton was one of 5 children; all, including 2 girls, became scientists, and all had PhD qualifications.


Isabella Preston

Isabella Preston, plant hybridist, horticulturist, writer, civil servant (born 4 September 1881 in Lancaster, England; died 31 January 1965 in Georgetown, Ontario). Throughout her career in the male-dominated field of horticulture, she produced approximately 200 ornamental hybrids suited for the Canadian climate. She is best known for her hybrid George C. Creelman lily.


Jonathan Odell

Jonathan Odell, doctor, clergyman, spy, poet, politician (b at Newark, NJ 25 Sept 1737; d at Fredericton 25 Nov 1818). He was trained in medicine but entered the Church of England ministry.


Joseph-Alphonse Ouimet

Joseph-Alphonse Ouimet, engineer, CBC president (b at Montréal 12 June 1908; d there 20 Dec 1988). Educated at Université de Montréal and McGill, Ouimet worked for a firm developing television and built a prototype TV receiver in 1932.


John Patterson

John Patterson, meteorologist (b in Oxford County, Ont 3 Jan 1872; d at Clarkson, Ont 22 Feb 1956). Educated at University of Toronto and Cambridge, Patterson returned to Canada in 1910 after serving in India as professor and imperial meteorologist.


Gerald O'Reilly

Gerald O'Reilly, physician (b at Ballinlough, Ire 11 Aug 1806; d at Hamilton, Canada W 26 Feb 1861). After medical studies in Dublin, Ire, and London, Eng, he immigrated in 1833 to Hamilton, where he was a prominent practitioner.


John Stanley Plaskett

John Stanley Plaskett, astronomer (b at Hickson, UC 17 Nov 1865; d at Esquimalt, BC 17 Oct 1941). Born on a farm, Plaskett joined the Edison Co in Schenectady, New York, and Sherbrooke, Québec.


Douglas Humphreys Pimlott

Douglas Humphreys Pimlott, conservationist, wildlife biologist, ecologist, environmentalist (born 4 January 1920 in Quyon, QC; died 31 July 1978 in Richmond Hill, ON). A founder of the modern environmental movement in Canada.


Sir Edward Sabine

Sir Edward Sabine, soldier, scientist (b at Dublin, Ire 14 Oct 1788; d at Richmond, Eng 26 June 1883). He fought along the St Lawrence River in Upper and Lower Canada in 1813-14, and then, within the army, went on to a distinguished career in science.


Jock Murray (Profile)

If Aaron Sorkin doesn't have Jock Murray's number on speed dial, he should. Sorkin, creator of the television hit The West Wing, could learn a thing or two from the Dalhousie University neurologist.


Robert H. Coats

Robert Hamilton Coats, FRSC, statistician, journalist (born 25 July 1874 in Clinton, Ontario; died 7 February 1960 in Ottawa, Ontario). Robert H. Coats was the first Dominion statistician of Canada (see Statistics Canada). He spent 24 years as the country’s chief statistician. During his career, he modernized and expanded Canada’s census and data collection programs.


Donald McKay

Donald McKay, designer and builder of clipper ships (b at Jordan Falls, NS 4 Sept 1810; d at Hamilton, Mass 20 Sept 1880). As a boy he learned the shipbuilder's trade in his father's and uncle's shipyards on the Jordan River.