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Wilfred Bigelow

Wilfred Gordon Bigelow, OC, surgeon (born 18 June 1913 in Brandon, MB; died 27 March 2005 in Toronto, ON). Dr. Bigelow's special contribution to surgery of the heart was the use of hypothermia to slow tissue metabolism and protect the heart and brain from damage (see Cold Weather Injuries). His research on hypothermia also led to him to co-develop the portable artificial external cardiac pacemaker in 1950. This medical innovation contributed to the development of implantable cardiac pacemakers.


Franz Boas

Franz Boas, anthropologist, ethnologist, folklorist, linguist (born 9 July 1858 in Minden, Westphalia, Germany; died on 21 December 1942 in New York City, NY).


Frédéric Pelletier

Frédéric ('Fred') Pelletier (Peltier). Choirmaster, critic, teacher, composer, physician, b Montreal 1 May 1870, d there 30 May 1944; MD (Montreal) 1895, honorary D MUS (Montreal) 1937.


John Mighton

John Mighton, playwright, mathematician, educator (b at Hamilton, Ont 2 October 1957). John Mighton's first subject of academic study was philosophy. He earned a BA at the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (1978) and a Masters in Philosophy at MCMASTER UNIVERSITY.


Jock Murray (Profile)

If Aaron Sorkin doesn't have Jock Murray's number on speed dial, he should. Sorkin, creator of the television hit The West Wing, could learn a thing or two from the Dalhousie University neurologist.


Clara Benson

Clara Cynthia Benson, professor of chemistry (born in 1875 in Port Hope, ON; died 24 March 1964 in Port Hope). In 1899, Benson became the first woman to graduate in chemistry from the University of Toronto. In 1903, she became one of the first two women awarded a PhD at U of T. After graduating with her doctorate, she worked at U of T’s Lillian Massey School of Domestic Science, becoming one of the university’s first female professors in 1920. A capable teacher who stimulated research and was a friend to her students, Benson taught at the school until her retirement in 1945. The Benson Building at U of T was named in recognition of her efforts to obtain better athletic facilities for women students.


Dennis Hubert Chitty

Dennis Hubert Chitty, zoologist (born 18 September 1912 in Bristol, England; died 3 February 2010 in Vancouver, BC ). Educated at University of Toronto and Oxford, he studied rodent populations as a research officer at the Bureau of Animal Population, Oxford, 1935-61.


Michel Sarrazin

Michel Sarrazin, surgeon, physician, naturalist (b at Nuits-sous-Beaune, France 5 Sept 1659; d at Québec C 8 Sept 1734). He came to New France in 1685 and the following year was appointed surgeon-major to the colonial regular troops. He later studied medicine in France for 3 years and returned to Québec in 1697 as king's physician.


George C. Ebers

George Cornell Ebers, neurologist, researcher (born 24 July 1946 in Budapest, Hungary). Ebers has published extensively with more than 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals, three books, 25 book chapters, and multiple editorials to his name. He has contributed significant medical research into multiple sclerosis (MS). A former professor at Western University and the University of Oxford, Ebers was awarded the John Dystel Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Research.


Reginald Fessenden

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, electrical engineer (born 6 October 1866 in East Bolton, Canada East; died 22 July 1932 in Hamilton, Bermuda). Fessenden was a pioneer in the field of radio communication. He made the first voice transmission over radio waves. He also laid the foundations of amplitude modulation (AM) and achieved the first two-way radiotelegraphic communication across the Atlantic Ocean. His 1906 transmission of a Christmas concert is considered the first radio broadcast in history. (See also Radio Programming)


David Boyle

David Boyle, blacksmith, teacher, archaeologist, museologist, historian (b at Greenock, Scot 1 May 1842; d at Toronto, Ont 14 Feb 1911). Although apprenticed as a blacksmith on arriving in Canada in 1856, Boyle became internationally prominent as Canada's premier archaeologist before WWI.


Trivedi Vidhya Nandan Persaud

Trivedi Vidhya Nandan Persaud, anatomist (b at Pt Mourant, Guyana 19 Feb 1940). Educated at Rostock, E Ger (MD 1965, DSc 1974), and U of W Indies, Kingston, Jamaica (PhD 1970), Persaud has received international acclaim for his research in embryology, teratology and pathology.


Lionel Cinq-Mars

Lionel Cinq-Mars, plant pathologist, vascular plant systematist (b at St-Coeur-de-Marie, Qué 12 June 1919; d at Québec C 6 Aug 1973). Trained in plant pathology, but interested in the taxonomy of vascular plants, Cinq-Mars initiated and encouraged continued development of floristic studies at Laval.