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Zeyda Suzuki

Zeyda Suzuki (b Ruga). Pianist, teacher, b Havana, Cuba, 29 May l943. She gave her first concert at 5 for the JM in Cuba and then performed on radio and TV. She studied at the Havana Cons.


Alfred Tardif

(Georges) Alfred Tardif (Father Hilaire-Marie, Order of the Friars Minor). Organist, pianist, composer, b Laconia, NH, 7 Feb 1903, d Montreal 16 Mar 1978; lauréat piano (Montreal) 1929, lauréat organ (AMQ) 1934, D MUS (St Louis, Edmunston, NB) 1959.


Amédée Tremblay

(Pierre-Joseph) Amédée Tremblay. Organist, composer, teacher, b Montreal 14 Apr 1876, d Los Angeles 1949. He began study at 12 with Father Sauvé, the organist at St-Joseph Church, Montreal, continuing with Alcibiade Béique (piano and organ) and Father Cléophas Borduas (Gregorian chant).


Alfred Fisher

Alfred (Joel) Fisher. Composer, pianist, teacher, b Boston 30 Jun 1942, naturalized Canadian 1974; B MUS (Boston) 1968, M MUS (Michigan State) 1967, PH D (Michigan State) 1976.


Ashley MacIsaac (Profile)

The young man from the craggy island in the North is laying siege to the skyscrapered island to the south. He is set on conquering this fabled place where showbiz dreams can come true, or be dashed, in a New York minute.


Zara Nelsova

Zara Nelsova, cellist, teacher (b at Winnipeg 23 Dec 1918; d at New York 10 Oct 2002) began playing a converted viola at the age of five with her father, a flutist and graduate of the Petrograd Conservatory.


Antoine Dessane

Antoine Dessane, organist, pianist, cellist, teacher, composer (b at Forcalquier, near Aix-en-Provence, France 10 Dec 1826; d at Québec City 8 June 1873). Founder of the choral Société musicale


Allan McIver

(Joseph) Allan McIver, composer, arranger, pianist, conductor (born 17 January 1903 in Thetford-Mines, QC; died 15 June 1969 in Montréal, QC).


Angèle Arsenault

Angèle Arsenault, OC, OPEI, singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, actor, broadcaster (born 1 October 1943 in Abrams Village, PEI; died 25 February 2014 in Saint-Sauveur, QC).



BTO, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, rock band including Robin Bachman, Randy Bachman, Blair Thornton and Fred Turner. They were internationally popular during the mid-1970s. BTO's third album Not Fragile, spawned the million-selling single "You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet.


Auguste Descarries

(Joseph Ernest) Auguste Descarries. Pianist, organist, teacher, composer, b Lachine, near Montreal, 26 Nov 1896, d there 4 Mar 1958; laureat (AMQ), D MUS (Montreal) 1949.


Canadian Brass

Canadian Brass. Quintet formed in 1970 as the Canadian Brass Ensemble. Hon D MUS (Hartwick College) 1993, hon D MUS (New England Conservatory of Music) 1993, hon D LITT (McMaster) 2000.


Arcade Fire

Montreal’s Arcade Fire are an eclectic indie rock band with baroque and pop undertones. They are known for their expansive membership and almost orchestral instrumentation, serious lyrical and thematic concerns, an anthemic yet iconoclastic sound and dramatic build-ups to moments of catharsis. The band’s breakthrough debut album, Funeral (2004), is widely considered one of the best rock albums of the 21st century. Their third album, The Suburbs (2010), won Juno Awards, a Grammy Award and the Polaris Music Prize. Their theatrical, exuberant live shows have made them a popular touring act and enhanced their worldwide popularity. They have been nominated for nine Grammy Awards and more than two dozen Juno Awards, winning twice for Songwriter of the Year and three times each for Alternative Album of the Year and Album of the Year.


Allan, N. Fraser

Allan, N. (Norman) Fraser. Songwriter, pianist, fl Toronto 1911-40. Known to have been a pupil of W.O. Forsyth, Allan played piano for the Dumbells and, with his partner, the comedian Stanley Bennett, participated in some of that troupe's later productions.


Arthur Leblanc

Leblanc, (Le Blanc, Leblanc), (Joseph) Arthur. Violinist, composer, born St-Anselme, near Moncton, NB, 18 Aug 1906, died Quebec City 19 Mar 1985; honorary D MUS (Moncton) 1982.


Céline Dion

Very quickly, her extraordinary voice and her simplicity conquered the province of Quebec, and her career experienced a meteoric rise. In 1982, she took part in the Tokyo Song Festival with 'Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi,' and won the musicians' prize as well as a gold medal.


Arthur Garami

Arthur Garami. Violinist, teacher, b Derecske, Hungary, 20 Nov 1921, naturalized Canadian 1955, d north of Montreal, 12 Jan 1979; performance diploma (Franz Liszt Academy, Budapest) 1942.


Alfred Garson

Alfred (Henrik) Garson. Violinist, teacher, composer, author, b Berthier-en-Haut, (Berthierville), north-east of Montreal, 22 Oct 1924; B MUS (Cape Town) 1950, FTCL 1953, M MUS (Cape Town) 1954, PH D (Montreal) 1970. During his childhood he toured as a violinist in Europe and in South America.