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Donald Frank Mazankowski

Donald Frank Mazankowski, politician (b at Viking, Alta 27 July 1935). After a period as president and general manager of an automobile and farm machinery dealership, Mazankowski was elected to the House of Commons as Conservative MP for Vegreville, Alta, in 1968.


Daniel Williams

In addition to practising law, Williams excelled at business. While attending Dalhousie's law school, he led a group of businesspeople to seek the first cable licence in Newfoundland and built Cable Atlantic into one of the largest communications companies in Atlantic Canada.


David Spencer

David Spencer, merchant (b at St Athan, Wales 9 Aug 1837; d at Victoria 2 Mar 1920). A farmer's son, he was apprenticed to a dry-goods merchant in Wales and came to Victoria in 1862.


Clark's New Job

On Monday of last week, Glen Clark, ex-New Democrat premier of B.C., was hanging off the side of an office tower 28 floors above downtown Vancouver. He didn't have a noose around his neck, as some in the business community might wish. Far from it.


Sir Robert Borden

Sir Robert Laird Borden, lawyer, politician, prime minister of Canada, 1911–20 (born 26 June 1854 in Grand Pré, NS; died 10 June 1937 in Ottawa, ON).


James Alexander Murray

James Alexander Murray, businessman, politician, premier of NB (b at Moncton, NB 9 Nov 1864; d at Sussex, NB 16 Feb 1960). A respected politician and forceful speaker, Murray represented Kings County 1908-20.


Charles James Fox Bennett

Charles James Fox Bennett, merchant, politician, premier of Newfoundland 1870-74 (b at Shaftesbury, Eng 11 June 1793; d at St John's 5 Dec 1883). Bennett was one of the wealthiest merchants in mid-19th-century Newfoundland.


George Luther Hatheway

George Luther Hatheway, farmer, lumberman, politician, premier of NB (b at Musquash, NB 4 Aug 1813; d at Fredericton 5 July 1872). Elected in 1850 as Reform MLA for York and defeated in 1857, he was re-elected in 1861 and named chief commissioner of public works by S.L. TILLEY.


Howard Ferguson

George Howard Ferguson, lawyer, Conservative politician, premier of Ontario 1923-30 (b at Kemptville, Ont 18 June 1870; d at Toronto 21 Feb 1946). He personified Ontario in the 1920s: a mix of 19th-century values and 20th-century ambitions.


Howard Charles Green

Howard Charles Green, lawyer, politician (b at Kaslo, BC 5 Nov 1895; d at Vancouver 26 July 1989). Appointed minister of public works in the first DIEFENBAKER government, Green assumed the Dept of External Affairs portfolio in 1959 after Sidney SMITH's sudden death.


Howard Graham

Howard Douglas Graham, lawyer, army officer (b at Buffalo, NY 15 July 1898; d at Oakville, Ont 28 Sept 1986). A WWI veteran, having enlisted at age 17, Graham rose to become chief of the general staff 1955-58. He practised law in Trenton, Ont, 1922-39, and was mayor in 1933.


George Harris Hees

George Harris Hees, politician (b at Toronto 17 June 1910; d there 12 June 1996). One of the DIEFENBAKER ministers who resigned during the February 1963 crisis, Hees was an able and energetic promoter of Canada.


Adélard Godbout

Joseph-Adélard Godbout, agronomist, professor, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party and premier of Québec (born 24 September 1892 in Saint-Éloi, Québec; died 18 September 1956 in Montréal, Québec).


Daniel Lionel Hanington

Daniel Lionel Hanington, lawyer, politician, premier of NB (b at Shediac, NB 27 June 1835; d at Dorchester, NB 5 May 1909). Clerk of circuits 1867-70 and a school trustee, he first sat as a Liberal-Conservative MLA for Westmorland in 1870.


John James Fraser

John James Fraser, lawyer, premier (1878-82) and lieutenant-governor (1893-96) of New Brunswick (b at Miramichi, NB 1 Aug 1829; d in Italy 24 Nov 1896). An outstanding lawyer, in 1865 Fraser won a seat in the provincial legislature as an anti-Confederation candidate.