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James Mitchell

James Mitchell, lawyer, politician, premier of New Brunswick (b at Scotch Settlement, York County, NB 16 Mar 1843; d at St Stephen, NB 15 Dec 1897). Mitchell was a prominent lawyer in St Stephen and during the early years of his career was also inspector of schools for Charlotte County.


John Robert Nicholson

John Robert Nicholson, lawyer, public servant, politician (b at Newcastle, NB 1 Dec 1901; d at Vancouver 8 Oct 1983). In 1941 Nicholson was called to Ottawa to the Department of Munitions and Supply by C.D. HOWE.


Sir Clifford Sifton

Sir Clifford Sifton, PC, KCMG, KC, lawyer, politician, businessman (born 10 March 1861 near Arva, Canada West; died 17 April 1929 in New York City, New York). Sir Clifford Sifton was one of the ablest politicians of his time. He is best known for his aggressive promotion of immigration to settle the Prairie West. Under his leadership, immigration to Canada increased significantly; from 16,835 per year in 1896 to 141,465 in 1905. A Liberal politician of considerable influence and vision, he was also a controversial figure. Sifton promoted a single education system and opposed the public funding of denominational schools, largely disregarding the concerns of French Catholics. He also showed little interest in the Indigenous peoples of the Prairies; he oversaw cuts to Indigenous education and approved Treaty 8. His brother, Arthur Lewis Sifton, was premier of Alberta from 1910 to 1917.


Filmon Re-elected

Maybe Manitoba was always immune to the trend. Or perhaps the wave of anti-status quo, throw-the-bums-out sentiment that has swept North America - obliterating the federal Conservatives in the 1993 election and congressional Democrats in the United States last fall - is finally beginning to ebb.


Annamie Paul

Annamie Paul, leader of the Green Party of Canada 2020–21, lawyer, activist (born 3 November 1972 in Toronto, ON). Annamie Paul has worked as an advisor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and with various international organizations devoted to preserving human rights and fighting climate change. She served as the leader of the Green Party of Canada from October 2020 to November 2021. She was the first Black Canadian and the first Jewish woman to be elected as leader of a major federal political party in Canada.


Charles Avery Dunning

Dunning, Charles Avery, businessman, politician, premier of Saskatchewan (b at Croft, Eng 31 July 1885; d at Montréal 1 Oct 1958). General manager of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Company, Dunning entered provincial politics in 1916 when opposition to both national parties was spreading.


Stephen Harper

Stephen Joseph Harper, CCPCprime minister of Canada 2006–15, politician, author, economist (born 30 April 1959 in Toronto, ON). Stephen Harper is Canada’s longest-serving Conservative prime minister since Sir John A. Macdonald. He helped found the Reform Party and served as head of the National Citizens Coalition and leader of the Canadian Alliance Party. He then transformed the country’s political landscape by uniting the previously divided right into the Conservative Party of Canada. He led the CPC to three consecutive election wins before being defeated in 2015 and resigning as party leader. Harper’s adherence to a brand of ideologically pure conservatism resulted in what the Globe and Mail called “Canada’s first ever truly Conservative government.” He was made a Companion of the Order of Canada in December 2019.


Herbert James Symington

Herbert James Symington, lawyer, executive (b at Sarnia, Ont 22 Nov 1881; d at Montréal 28 Sept 1965). Symington, admitted to the Manitoba Bar in 1905, became a prominent corporation lawyer and a notable figure in Winnipeg public affairs.


Charles Mills Drury

Charles Mills Drury, "Bud," public servant, politician (b at Montréal 17 May 1912; d at Gatineau Que 12 Jan 1991). During WWII Drury attained the rank of brigadier, and then was chief of the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Poland.


Hugh John Flemming

Hugh John Flemming, lumberman, politician, premier of NB (b at Peel, NB 5 Jan 1899; d at Fredericton 16 Oct 1982). Elected in 1921 as a municipal councillor for Carleton, Flemming became Conservative Member of Legislative Assembly for Carleton in 1944.


Edgar Nelson Rhodes

Edgar Nelson Rhodes, lawyer, politician, premier of NS (b at Amherst, NS 5 Jan 1877; d at Ottawa 15 Mar 1942). A distinguished politician, he began his career as a lawyer in Amherst in 1902.


James Boyle Uniacke

James Boyle Uniacke, lawyer, politician (b probably 1799, bap at Halifax 19 Jan 1800; d there 26 Mar 1858). As the son of Richard John UNIACKE, he enjoyed favoured status in NS politics and society.