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A cordillera is a major system of often parallel mountain ranges that includes the intervening plateaus, valleys and plains.


Mackenzie Mountains

Named after Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie, they are a northern continuation, 800 km long, of the eastern system of the Rocky Mountains, composed almost entirely of folded sedimentary strata.


Mountain Range

Mountain ranges generally belong to the same geological structure, and consist of a series of peaks and ridges surrounded by lowlands and valleys. There are many mountain ranges in Canada, including the Rocky Mountains, the St. Elias Mountains and the Laurentian Mountains.


Coast Mountains

The Coast Mountains are a continuous mountain chain extending from the Fraser Lowlands near Vancouver, 1,600 km north into the Yukon.


Rocky Mountains

Castlelike mountain resorts built on the rail line at Banff and Lake Louise have become all-season recreation centres for Banff National Park's (established 1885) many alpine attractions, which attract 4.5 million visitors annually.


Laurentian Highlands

Although the other limits are less well defined, the highlands may be considered to extend 100-200 km northward from the scarps and to stretch from the Gatineau River in the west (mean elevation 400 m) some 550 km to the SAGUENAY RIVER in the northeast.