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J.M.S. Careless

James Maurice Stockford Careless, historian (b at Toronto 17 Feb 1919; d at Toronto 6 Apr 2009). A graduate of the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (1940), James Careless had just begun graduate work at Harvard when he enlisted in the Canadian military effort during WWII.


Frederic Hubert Soward

Frederic Hubert Soward, historian, educator (b at Minden, Ont 10 Apr 1899; d at Vancouver 1 Jan 1985). Educated at Toronto, Edinburgh and Oxford, he taught history at UBC 1922-64 (head of department, 1953-63).


Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray, historian (born in England). Prior to immigrating to Canada from England in 1979, Charlotte Gray attended Oxford University, earning a BA in modern history and later pursuing post-graduate work at the London School of Economics.


Norman Hillmer

George Norman Hillmer, historian, professor (b at Niagara Falls, Ont, 24 Nov 1942). Norman Hillmer was educated at the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO and at Cambridge University, where he received a PhD in 1974. In 1972, he had begun working as a historian in the Department of National Defence.


Jack Granatstein

The most prolific Canadian historian of his generation, Granatstein has written widely on Canadian history and current affairs. His journalism, polemics, and academic writings are all characterized by lucid prose and an iconoclastic tone.


Robert Bothwell

Robert Selkirk Bothwell, historian, professor (b at Ottawa, 17 Aug 1944). Robert Bothwell was educated at the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO and Harvard University, where he received a PhD in 1972. He began teaching at the University of Toronto in 1970, and was appointed full professor in 1981.