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Winnipeg Male Voice Choir

Winnipeg Male Voice Choir. An enterprise of the Men's Music Club. Founded in 1916 as a quartet of club members, it had increased by 1918 to 46. On the death in 1920 of its founding conductor, George Price, Cyril F. Musgrove was brought from England to take over the choir.


Winnipeg Oratorio Society

Winnipeg Oratorio Society. Founded in 1908 by John J. Moncrieff and others, to provide Winnipeg with a major choir drawn from the city's many church choirs and capable of undertaking large-scale choral works.


Indian Music in Canada

In 1986 in Canada there were approximately 280,000 people of Asian Indian origin, the majority of whom had arrived after 1968. Earlier immigrants from India were mostly Sikh labourers who arrived ca 1905-8 from the Punjab.


Arabic Music in Canada

In 1986 there were 107,000 people of Arabic extraction in Canada. The first immigration, in 1882, brought only Syrians and Lebanese who, even in the 1970s, formed a majority of Arab-Canadians, though 17 nations were represented to some degree in the total.


Filipino Music in Canada

In the 1986 Census of Canada, 107,000 listed Filipino as their single or multiple ethnic origin. Of these, 27,000 were born in Canada and 80,000 had immigrated: 31,000 in the period 1978-86, 45,000 in the period 1967-77, and the rest before 1967.


Spanish Music in Canada

Spanish immigration to Canada was moderate until 1950, by comparison with that from other major European nations. Nevertheless, by 1986 there were some 57,000 Spanish-Canadians, concentrated in cities in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.


CBC Opera Company

CBC Opera Company. Founded in 1948 to perform on the radio series 'CBC Wednesday Night'. Under the chairmanship of Charles Jennings the company was administered by Harry Boyle, Terence Gibbs (producer), Nicholas Goldschmidt (conductor), Geoffrey Waddington (music adviser), and Arnold Walter.


Victoria Symphony

Victoria Symphony. Orchestra based in Victoria, B.C.; at one time British Columbia's largest community orchestra and, beginning in the mid-1970s, a fully professional ensemble.


"The Maple Leaf For Ever"

"The Maple Leaf For Ever" is a patriotic song composed by Alexander Muir in October 1867, the year of Confederation; both words and music are Muir's. Next to "O Canada," which it antedates by 13 years, it has been the most popular patriotic song composed in Canada.


Blue Rodeo (Profile)

Jim Cuddy hears the music. I see the grotty stairwell. Standing in the open doorway amid the stacks of cardboard boxes and equipment cases, he slaps his palms together and cocks his head for the echo that stretches thin above us.


Academy String Quartet

Academy String Quartet. Group associated with the Canadian Academy of Music, Toronto, and led by Luigi von Kunits. It performed at academy functions as early as 1912, and accompanied the academy's Madrigal Society in 1913.